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Early Winter 2015 37 specialty shops that provide unique crafts and outrageously delicious maple products. Lodging is available at BBs along Vermont Route 15 and at motels in nearby Morrisville. Many lodgings offer trail access and sell TMAs. One of my favorite trail rides include a variable smorgasbord of terrain experience that will have you busting through snow drifts and enjoying wide open riding in between farm fields tight twisting trails and turns in the hills climbing to mountain vistas and hints of boreal forest. One such ride is a loop jaunt which starts at LE 28 on the Lamoille Valley Trail system in Johnson and heads west on 15 between wide open farm fields to Cambridge LE 32. The snow drifts along the way may be exciting. At Cambridge Jct. you will cross a wooden covered bridge and continue north on 108 towards LE 34 which leads you in just south of Bakersfield. Take 109 east toward LE 35 and 118 south. Continue on 118 south to LE 36 C 15118 south in North Hyde Park. Stay on this trail until it comes to a T at LE 37 take 15 south to a another T at LE 27 then continue to LE 28. This leads you back onto the Rail Trail system in Hyde Park and a few miles east of your initial starting point. You can accomplish this loop in a few hours depending on how many photo opportunity stops you make along the way. Its a good loop to start off early in the season for two reasons it usually has plenty of snow in the higher elevations and if youre just starting fresh off on the season it gives your body a chance to get warmed up to trail riding especially if youre a mature rider like me and held together with duct tape and bailing twine. This trail will take you through both maple sugaring and logging operations. You might be zooming along and asking yourself who in their right mind would be out here working in these conditions My respect goes to the hearty Vermont souls etching out a living from the woods in these winter months. As you travel north you will climb in elevation and be winding through some of best views to be found anywhere in the Green Mountains period. There are tight twisting turns that require a ton of body English. With such narrow trails all along this section through the Waterville area a studded track would be a good choice. If youre looking for a longer ride with a rainbow at the end of the tunnel you might also want to consider another one of my favorite trips. I did this ride last season with my daughter. This round trip is 100 miles plus or minus so start early and give yourself enough time to do it safely. Starting on the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail in Johnson this trip heads north to the town of Glover. Glover is a small agricultural hamlet community tucked way up north and locally known for Parker Pie an artisan pizza tavern. Besides cornering Some of the trails within the clubs network are shown above from VASTs Interactive Map. Featured Club Club members gather at their groomer shed during last years Poker Run.