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2 Snowmobile VERMONT Magazine VAST STAFF Executive Director Co-editor Cindy Locke Ext. 11 Trails Administrator Matt Tetreault Ext. 12 Media Manager Co-editor Designer Beth Godin Ext. 16 Office and Programs Manager Cyndy Carrier Jones Ext. 10 Finance and HR Manager Sheila Fenoff-Willett Ext. 14 Trails Manager Shane Prisby Ext. 18 VAST OFFICERS President Tim Mills 802 234-5000 Vice President Jeff Fay 802 434-6633 Treasurer Tom Baltrus 802 464-8211 Secretary Jim Hill 802 343-4478 Here we are at the launch of another season. We at the VAST office are excited about the coming snow and heading out to join you at events this winter. As you may know with the change of the seasons we have had some changes here at the office too. Thomasina Magoon has moved on to a new job. Thomasina did a great job here setting us up with a brand new and amazing magazine format. She was one of our team who spent time attending your club events to meet folks and take pictures for the magazine and website too. The rest of us will continue to carry on with the tradition like we did last year so dont be surprised if you see Cyndy Matt Shane or me at your events this winter. I am also looking forward to touring areas of Vermont I just could not get to last winter. I have started a list of folks who would like me to come and check out their trails. If you want me to come and ride with you or your club members please just send me an email or give me a call. I would love to join you. I am very excited to introduce our newest staff member Beth Godin is now the Media Manager for VAST. Beth came in as a support person for Thomasina in September and has proven now to be able to capably handle the tasks of VAST Media Manager. Beth has experience in magazine development publication graphic design social media marketing and sales. Along with Beth VAST has formed a new committee called the Publications Committee. This committee is being chaired by Patty Companik. Some of you will know Patty from Windsor County and the Chester Snowmobile Club. Patty has been writing articles for the magazine and covering events for VAST. Beth and I are super excited to be working with her to guarantee that the integrity of the VAST publications shine and continue to grow. As time moves on Patty will be looking for others to join her committee but one very important area we need to continue to grow is to enlist VAST members to write articles for the magazine. This could be covering one of your club events or general interest snowmobiling articles. Please let Beth or me know if you would be interested or you can find Pattys contact information on our website and in several locations within this magazine issue. We are headed into another great and exciting snowmobile season. Be safe out there and as always thank you so much for all you do for VAST and snowmobiling in Vermont Fond regards Snowmobile Vermont Magazine 26 Vast Lane Barre Vermont 05641 T 802 229-0005 F 802 223-4316 Snowmobile VT Magazine ISSN 2374-5630 is published five times Fall October Early Winter December Winter January Late Winter March and Summer August by The Vermont Association of Snow Travelers Inc 26 Vast Lane Barre VT 05641. Periodicals postage paid at Barre VT and additional mailing offices POSTMASTER Send ad- dress changes to VAST 26 Vast Lane Barre VT 05641-4477 VAST Direction Fond regards Publications Committee Chair Contributor Patty Companik Member Writer and Photographer 203 710-7358