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Early Winter 2015 45 Lunenburg Polar Bears Flakes are beginning to fall. The sound of snowmobile engines is in the air and winter is here Yet with regret not all is well in Polar Bear Country. The club is experiencing its first major trail closure in recent memory. A landowner closed his land and the result is a shutdown of the award- winning VAST 2 Pipeline Trail. NEK snowmobilers will experience difficulty accessing the Lancaster Commerce Zone services. The impact of this situation grows weekly. Various projects and initiatives have either been delayed or cancelled. Changes in grooming assignments are anticipated. Unexpected trail work will likely be the primary focus as winter approaches. Yet the club continues to move forward. We are working on a redesign of our logo. It should be complete within the next several weeks. Also based on member feedback we have retooled our TMA process. Becoming a Polar Bear will be much easier this season. Various bridge repairs and pre- season trail prep is complete. Kudos to VAST and the Windsor County Clubs for the great show they put on at the Annual VAST Meeting. The Lunenburg Polar Bears were there side by side with numerous VAST clubs. What a great way to get a jump on winter. Keep your fingers crossed that it will be a good one. Make Tracks Mike Mutascio Secretary lunenburgpolarbears Like us on Facebook Northeast Kingdom Snow Blasters Hello everyone fall is finally here. This means we are really busy prepping things for you. We spent this past FRANKLIN COUNTY Club News . Franklin County Snow Raiders As I write this the month of October is nearly passed by and November and Thanksgiving will soon be upon us. Hardly seems possible the summer season has passed by so quickly but with the warm weather in September and October it hasnt really felt like winter is approaching. However in the middle of October there was some snow that fell letting us know that colder weather isnt far behind. As usual this time of year trails are a high priority. As of our October meeting back in the beginning of the month no major issues or re-routes were noted with the Raiders trail system-always a good sign when not having a re-route to worry about. Trail coordinators are busy assessing the trail system finding out what needs to be done as well as obtaining the necessary landowner permissions. The club has received a grant and is purchasing a new drag this year as our old one has seen its better days. It is well over 20 years old. Real Cyr has been doing some work on the front tracks of the Tucker and with his dedication and hard work the machine will be ready for winter. Without his dedication to the club as well as many other club volunteers the club would be in trouble. Meetings are held the first Tuesday of each month at the VFW club rooms beginning at 7 p.m. Hopefully we can get some new people involved in keeping the club going. Ken Stockwell Treasurer and Membership Like us on Facebook weekend working on five bridges. We re-decked some and installed railings on others but yet there is still work to be done. Many thanks to our regular volunteers Stewart Chester Brad Paul Jeff Dale and John. Huge thanks to Bruce Jean and his dog Jacko of the Poker Palace. We also enlisted the help of the Cannan Vermont Key Club members Emmit Lambert Markus Lapierre Richard Dennis Eric Howart and Emilie Roy Thanks to Julie Lavallee for keeping us fed Without their help we could not get your trails ready for this coming season. The groomer is almost ready but we need to do some work on the drag as well. The signing and staking of 63 miles of trails is beginning. We will also have run a snowmobile safety course at Pidgeons but was too late to make this edition. Our Facebook page has been busy as we are now up to 841 likes Just one comment I would like to make and I have seen this numerous times on other clubs news. We and other clubs are always looking for more volunteers as our limited normal crew of 5-6 people continues to take on day-after-day of work. Please respond as Bruce did when your club asks for help if you are able. We would appreciate it See you all soon as I am sure by the time this makes it to press there will be snow on the ground. As usual I plan on updating our Facebook page daily with conditions as well as our webpage beginning in December Thanks David Diminico TrailmasterGroomer Like us on Facebook Northeast Kingdom Snow Blasters Key Club members repair a bridge.