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52 Snowmobile VERMONT Magazine Club News always needed for a variety of work from bridge repair to trail clearing and roping fields. Please get out and volunteer the more the merrier As the new president Id like to reiterate the importance to stay on the posted and marked trails. We have several areas that are in danger of closure if out of bounds riding continues. One area is Hog Back Mountain. We must stay on the marked trails. Riding on the former slopes or going up to the fire tower REGARDLESS if there are other snowmobile tracks is PROHIBITED Utility employees have permission WE DONT. The same applies to open fields the Sitzmark and the sandpit. The Farmers Almanac and many folklore signs in nature point to a cold and snowy winter so dust off those sleds register them and get your TMAs by December 15 to get the early bird discount. Then when the trails officially open ride the trails responsibly realizing we are riding on some landowners property who has graciously given us permission to make the DVSJ and VAST trail system possible. Weekend work parties have been going out and working on the trails. Many thanks to Ed M. Carl M. LuAnn S. Barbara Y. Don Y. Phil M. Sandy M. Connor G. Michael G. Edward R. and Mark Z. Please check our website and Facebook page to see announcements about other dates and upcoming events. Gail S Kotowoski Media Director Like us on Facebook Joe Kruszewski of the Matterhorn Inn clearing trails on the Deerfield Valley Stump Jumpers network. Wardsboro Pathnders A work party when out on October 17th to repair the Stocker Farm bridge followed by a potluck supper meeting that evening. Trail masters Rich Rochette Gary Urbinati and volunteers have been hard at work to make sure the 710 is ready for the upcoming season. Our numbers keep growing Last season we gained 55 new members. Much of it thanks to our easy-to-use and secure online TMA sales process at Already a member Just login and your information pops up on screen. Review it make changes like adding or removing a sled and pay by credit card. We process your request and mail within days. If youre new youll find the process extremely user- friendly. Theres also an option to print our TMA order form and order by mail with your check payment. For those who prefer to get their TMAs in person the Club has added two more brick mortar locations this year including the Wardsboro Country Store and the Jamaica Store. Visit our website for details. Save the date The 20th Annual Rescue Ride-In BBQ is on Feb. 27 at the Stratton Rec Area on the 710 4 miles from C7. If you havent attended before ask someone who has. We provide awesome food and great raffle prizes including a TMA for the following season Visit www. for a complete list of WPSC events and up- to-date trail reports. Think Snow Melanie Tregoning Vice President Like us on Facebook . ABOVE Work crew members Rich Rochette Bob Allen Jim Harlow Pete Imperitrice Gary Urbinati Jerry Clutier and Dan Urbinati stake out a trail. RIGHT Dan Urbinati downsizesa boulder on the 710 trail.