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Early Winter 2015 25 square foot warehouse to better serve customers worldwide and expanded the franchises to include KTM. In 2007 Ronnies expanded again by adding Kymco to their line of franchises. In 2009 Ronnies opened its newest store a premier pre-owned superstore in Guilderland New York. Who is the owner Ronnie Ouimet is the founder and owner since 1956 How many Ronnies locations are there We have five locations Ronnies Cycle Sales of Adams Mass. Ronnies Cycle Sales of Bennington Vt. Ronnies Harley-Davidson Mass. Ronnies Motorsports of Guilderland NY Ronnies Mail Order Warehouse Mass. Who is your typical customer We service two main types of customers. A large part of our business is from out-of-state customers and second home owners in the nearby ski area. We also have a large base of loyal local customers. What percentage of your business is snowmobiling About 35 percent of our business is related to snowmobiling. How many service technicians do you have for snowmobiles Does your dealership or technicians have any specic certications We currently have two technicians who are BRP certified. We are a Ski Doo certified Platinum Dealer as well. Our newest tech Dillon just returned from training in Massachusetts with The product gets better every year sleds are becoming more efficient. What are your thoughts in regards to 4 stroke sleds A large part of the market is now buying 4 stroke sleds. Ski-Doo has the market on 4 stroke they really got it right. It is one sled which can be used by riders of all different levels of experience whether it be family children to adult or a weekend guest their first time riding. The sled is quiet clean and very efficient. What is the most popular accessory folks purchase Any new items you like Most folks buy a cargo bag when they buy a sled. If you like to ride at night the auxiliary LED light is very popular item. Featured Dealer Ski-Doo. Obtaining and maintaining a BRP certification requires hands on training at BRP and the techs have to update their certificates three times a year as well as take quarterly online training modules. This is followed by a test that they need to pass in order to keep their certification. This system allows them to stay updated on the very latest innovations. Who are the manufacturers that you sell products from We sell Ski-Doo and Yamaha. What is your favorite part about the snowmobiling industry I enjoy sharing the passion of the sport with our customers. The sport has a three month window. It is a lot of work and the weather is cold but its the best time of the year General Manager Jon Levesque was interviewed for this article. He has been involved in the snowmobile sales business for over 20 years. His personal sled brand of choice is Ski-Doo.