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Early Winter 2015 9 VAST News SLED EXPOby atty ompanik nowmobile Association of assachusetts Saturday and Sunday Oct. 17-18 VAST attended the SAM show which is historically hosted by the Massachusetts Snowmobile Association at the Eastern States Expo in West Springfield Mass. On Friday night Shane Prisby and Frank and Patty Companik set up the booth in preparation for Saturday mornings opening TV setup tables chairs table coverings banners magazines flyers etc. Its fun to see all the other booths getting ready too. Used sleds are being brought in to the corral area and dealers are bringing in new sleds trailers and new toys for their booths. There are booths with clothing helmets and all kinds of snowmobile gadgets. There was lots of action and moving parts in preparation of the weekend. We also got to share a few laughs with two fellow clubs which were set up the Brighton Snowmobile Club and the Woodford SnoBusters. These two clubs have had their own booths at this event for years. This year the Woodford SnoBusters were selling raffle tickets for a snowmobile which they had in their booth. The Real Riders had a nice selection of vintage sleds on display. It is crazy to imagine riding those sleds with that gear on our trails today. Lets keep in mind they didnt have groomers clearing the way the night before either. I really enjoy seeing the history. Hunters Recreational Products from Yalesville Conn. had two Timbersleds set up. You can convert your bike from dirt to snow quickly and easily. Now I dont know the rules regarding riding this on our trails but I have to say you must have some talent and lots of guts to ride one of these. That being said it was very cool to see. Saturday is traditionally the busiest of the two days everyone rushing in to get the best deals especially in the used sled corral area. The VAST booth is always busy at this event. A lot of folks from the surrounding Eastern states ride in Vermont and make it a point to stop by the booth. Questions regarding the TMA criteria this year were being asked at the VAST booth no longer landowner focused but instead where your sled is registered is driving the price structures. There are always folks speculating about the weather. We heard about the volume of acorns and apples and how early they begin to fall will determine what kind of winter we will have since nature always feeds itself early and with larger bounty in anticipation of a tough winter. There are also the theories regarding how high the hornet nests are whatever date it snows in October will determine how many snow storms we will have. All of these are signs to whether or not we will have a lot of snow or not. I believe it snowed on Oct. 18 this year so does that mean 18 snow storms It is always wonderful to work with volunteers and hear from the members. Events such as this promote this kind of interaction. Listening to others tell you about their adventures never gets old. This is why I like to volunteer for the VAST organization it truly is about the people. To all those who volunteered to make this another successful VAST event thank you VAST Volunteers at the SAM event Thomasina Magoon Shane Prisby Patty and Frank Companik Jenn Haracz Mary Beth Daniels Bill Lenz Debbie Macleod Dennis and Michael Woodmansee Brian and Patrick Cavanaugh and Pat and Star Poulin. TOP Woodford SnoBusters booth volunteers MIDDLE Dave Page of the Brighton Snowmobile Club LEFT Denise Tanis won the TMA raffle at the VAST booth. She is pictured wirh her son Jack and husband Bill riding in Newark last year.