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Early Winter 2015 43 Check for renewal forms and locations. The next fundraiser will be the Annual Poker Run on February 13 during Valentines Day Weekend. Get together with your family and have an enjoyable snowmobile ride together and play a few hands by stopping at the participating stops that support our snowmobile activities. We greatly appreciate their support. Stops include Everybuddys Casual Dining LynBurke Motel and Nicks Gas N Go in Lyndonville Mikes Gas Redemption in West Burke Robins Roost in Westmore East Burke Market and Burke Publick House in East Burke The Roost Wheelock Store and the Ponds Edge and Lakefront Express Mart in Island Pond. More details will be posted on the trails the VAST website and lyndonsnocruisers. com. Smile while you are out riding on the trails and always stay on the right side of the trail. Larry Dwyer Secretary Like us on Facebook Club News Lyndon Snow Cruisers Oh Alas The shiny snowmobile is having to take second place in the stable now. This Lyndon Sno-Cruisers wife Bonnie won a 2016 Polaris Indy 550 in the Orleans Snow Stormers snowmobile raffle on Oct. 24. The Polaris is a nice matching blue color to my shiny Skidoo Legend 700. They are both on the trailer and getting acquainted while waiting for the season to begin. Trail projects are coming along nicely while the weather is good. The Lussier Pit bridge has better access ramps and new runner tracks. We thank Neil Switser for his work on that project. When renewing your TMA be sure to include a copy of your current valid registration. When coming for a weekend and getting a 3-day pass bring a copy of your registration. Waterford RidgeRunners It is hard to imagine that the start of another snowmobile season is upon us. It seems the calendar moves at a much quicker pace these days. Waterford RidgeRunners are ready to start 2016 with upgraded grooming equipment and wider trails. Last spring we submitted a request to VAST to increase our grooming contract from a Class 4 4 foot wide trail to a Class 3 6 foot wide trail and it was approved. Over the last few years the club has replaced narrow bridges and made them safer for travelers. Our trail usage has increased notably since we have widened all of our trails and maintained a consistent grooming schedule. We can be accessed from Corridor 18 in St. Johnsbury or Concord Vermont. If you are trailering your machines we have PettyCo station at the intersection of Vermont State Snowmobiling on the property of others is a privilege that can be revoked at any time. Please respect landowners by Staying on marked trails Properly disposing of trash Obeying signage Keeping noise and speed to a minimum Dedicated Club volunteers work year round to obtain permission from approximately 8000 gracious landowners who are kind enough to allow the use of their land for snowmobiling. Maintaining these permissions and the future of the VAST trail system depends on your actions. Respect the landowners and ride responsibly NORTHWEST RIDERS SNOWMOBILE CLUB WWW.NORTHWESTRIDERS.ORG Buy your TMA on our website They are good statewide but we hope youll check out our 89 miles of beautiful groomed trails Or at these local businesses A. Bonneau Machinery Bruce King Automotive Favreaus Warners Clothing The Parts Store Ste. Maries Market Trail conditions are updated on our website often Come ride with us in Franklin County Call 802-782-6500 or email Find us on Facebook Northwest Riders Snowmobile Club