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Early Winter 2015 49 Club News Chittenden Dammers Signs signs everywhere theres signs. Signs of a great winter in front of us new trail signs on the Chittenden snowmobile trails. Things are beginning to unfold for some great riding over the next few months. Think snow Are you ready to ride The Chittenden Dammers sure are. The trails are in super shape and ripe for a heavy coating of the White Gold we all know and love. The new signs are in place to help with navigation. A big thank you goes out to all the Dammers Trail Crew who worked so hard to get them in place. EL Nino or no EL Nino were going to be putting on the miles this winter. Look for comfortable riding temps and Lots Of Snow. From my research winter weather forecasters say it looks like we may very well be riding in December and early January followed by a pause in winter for a couple of weeks and great riding conditions should prevail for the second half of winter with lots of winter well into spring. Time will tell for sure. Dont forget to check those sleds over well as nobody wants to miss out when the time is right to hit the trails. Please consider one of the Dammers retailers in our preferred dealer network where you can purchase your TMAs. Central Vermont Motorcycles Rutland The Wooden Barrel in Downtown Chittenden and Dan Turco Sons Yamaha in North Clarendon. Check the Dammers website www. frequently for updates and current trail conditions as well as club events. Dont forget we meet the first Tuesday of the month at the Mountain Top Inn at 7 p.m. Hope to see you there. Ride safely and Ride Smooth. Charlie Robbins Treasurer Like us on Facebook RUTLAND COUNTY Drift Dusters Snowmobile Club Greetings Everyone Winter is on its way and trails are currently being staked and signed. It wont be long and our groomer will be laying out the white carpet First of all we would like to congratulate those that won awards at the VAST Annual Meeting. Thank you to the Windsor County Snowmobile clubs for hosting such a great event. Projects to be finished before snow flies are a bridge rebuild on Trail 105 A in Holland and a reroute on Trail 5 on Nelson Hill in Derby. The bridge rebuild will not be taking place until the ground is frozen so the trail may be closed temporarily. We have also found a small reroute that allows us to get part of Trail 5 off of the Dumas Road. This is a sensitive area and will be closed if anyone goes off trail. Dont forget to take advantage of the early bird prices on TMAs Trail Passes before December 15th. TMAs are available once again this year on our website if you cannot make it to a membership agent on time. As a reminder we now have a frequent online newsletter we send called Drift Dusters Trail Chatter. You can sign up for that on our website or Facebook. If we look to our friend Merriam- Webster for the definition of volunteer we will find a person who does work without getting paid to do it. That sounds terrible doesnt it With the tough economy causing financial hardships in everyones homes its hard to invest our time into something that doesnt bring remittance. Perhaps we are looking at it all wrong. Maybe we do get something for volunteering our time but its not in the form of dollar bills. What kind of value do we put on time spent with friends out on the trails Is there satisfaction in whizzing through a section of trail knowing you drove the stakes and trimmed the branches back Of course The hundreds of volunteers that dedicate thousands of hours are the backbone of our trail system The ramifications of ONE volunteer resigning from the snowmobile club and not staking that ONE section of trail could equate to several miles of trail loss. If FOUR volunteers decide not to build the bridge one weekend one whole towns accessibility to the VAST trail system could be lost. Dont underestimate the value of even one hour of volunteered time. Your help does not go unnoticed and the gratification will come every time you hit the trails on your snowmobile. Until next time always remember volunteers are not paid because they are worthless but because they are priceless. Have a nice fall a Happy Thanksgiving and THINK SNOW Roger Gosselin Vice President Like us on Facebook . Drift Dusters Vice President Roger Gosselin enjoying trails in Jay.