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50 Snowmobile VERMONT Magazine Club News that every one has purchased their early bird TMA. We already had snow on our trails in October this year so maybe it will be as good with snow as it was last year. On Shrewsbury Sno-Birds trails there will be no logging this year as far as I know. That will also be good for snowmobiling. As far as I know we will be having a safety course in early December. Check on our web site to find out more info. Our TMA forms are also on there fill it out and mail it in or visit the local dealers to get our memberships. Come and join us for our monthly meetings at the Southside Restaurant the second Tuesday of every month starting at 7 p.m. I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. Cant wait for this season to start Ride Safely and Ride Right Roy Arthur VP and Trailmaster Like us on Facebook Shrewsbury Sno-Birds I hope that everyone had a beautiful fall. The weather was good and the foliage was brilliant We have been out working hard on debrushing our trails. We have been over every inch of our system either with a tractor with cutter bar or hand brush cutters and chainsaws or both. Every trail looked good until the storm two nights ago. We will be checking them again for downed trees before the season. We also had to repair the tread area on a trail that was used for logging this last summer. I walked it after and it looked great Thanks to Rick and Fred Hubbard and Dave Fucci and all the other volunteers that put in the approximately 600 hours total getting and keeping our trails ready to ride We are again waiting for track issues as we did last year. We sent our Tucker up for servicing and had two tracks on order. The manufacturer had issues with their equipment so no tracks yet. Hopefully we will see them the first week in November. You can do all the planning you want and still things happen to delay your progress. We hope it is not like last year when we were picking up our track in December. We are still waiting for cutters for our drag from Doug Wilson we hope to see them soon also. By the time you read this I hope Shrewsbury Sno-Birds Sno-Bees By the time you read this there will be about a month before the trails officially open. WASHINGTON COUNTY Sno-Bees Hopefully everyone has done their job to get the season going. By now all the trails should be cleared of blow-downs signs should be up bridges will have been checked and repaired as needed and the groomer will be serviced and ready to go. At the same time there are people working on fundraising to keep the club going selling TMAs and getting them out to our dealers to sell. Each year it gets harder and harder to find these volunteers. Without them none of this work that you take for granted would get done. There are a couple of things that need to happen. The first is that these people need to be thanked for what they do. Secondly more members need to volunteer some of their time. Our meetings are the second Wednesday of each month September-May at 730 p.m. at the Beehive on Sunset Rd. New faces are always welcome. TMAs are out and can be purchased online at or at one of our dealer outlets Gilles Sales and Service Laquerre Marine RL Archery Guys Repair and Trow Hill Grocery. Enjoy the Holiday Season Mike Perrigo President Like us on Facebook Worcester Rangers We are eagerly anticipating the 2016 season. Let it snow Trail maintenance continued throughout the fall with bridge inspection stump removal brush hogging and sign installation. Landowner recognition is an important tradition of Worcester Rangers preseason activities. Each landowner is personally thanked by one of the Clubs officers.