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Lunenburg Polar Bears Snowmobile Club Inc

Welcome to Polar Bear Country!

The Lunenburg Polar Bears Snowmobile Club maintains an exceptional trail system in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.  Your ride through southern Essex County includes sweeping views, wooded canopies, thrilling hills and open fields.  Enjoy our 75 miles of amazing trails that include access to unique riding experiences, scenery and comradery.  Elevations preserve snow amongst stunning scenic backdrops like Mt Tug, the Presidential & Killkenny Range and East Mountain. Our grooming leads the way to winter fun!

Members have been preparing all trails for the 2018-19 season and we are ready!  Local services, TMAs and maps are available at the Lunenburg Variety Store at the Town Common VAST 102F2 and TJs Truck Stop & Restaurant, Bridge Street Lancaster NH, just past EX65. 

Make Tracks With Us!

It's this easy!

Your snowmobile must be registered in any State.
Vermont has snowmobile insurance requirements Vermont Requirements
There is a Safety Training standard for Vermont.  If you reached the age 12 and were born after July 1, 1983 you need snowmobile safety training (more info (Vermont Online Safety Training)

Purchase your TMA (trail pass) from Lunenburg Variety Store on West Main Street, Lunenburg (802-892-1147) or TJs Truck Stop & Restaurant on Bridge Street, Lancaster NH (603-788-4600).  Your purchase includes the TMA and decal, plus you join our club.
*TMA types include:
Regular Season or 3-Day Pass

If you have any questions or comments pertaining to joining the club, just contact us.  Anyone can join our club.  Just print out the "Member-Only Application' via the link provided. 

 Be Part of the Fun!

Consider volunteering at Club events or trail projects.  Share your talents surrounded by a cadre of dedicated members.  Stay in touch with our active Facebook page.   Check out the Lunenburg Polar Bears YouTube Channel.  We encourage anyone to join our club, even if you acquired a TMA through a VAST club elsewhere.

Our values are shared in accordance with a Code of Conduct.

As a member of the Lunenburg Polar Bears Snowmobile Club, I hereby:
Acknowledge Vermont Statutes and local government ordinances pertaining to snowmobiling;  Embrace a culture of sportsmanship, cooperation and safety for myself and others while snowmobiling or participating in related activities.  I recognize my actions, whether past or present can influence the opinions of others;  Respect and support the value of Landowner relationships;  Refrain from purposeful activities or behaviors, whether by my direct action, inaction or distribution of electronic media that can negatively impact the well-being of the Lunenburg Polar Bears Snowmobile Club Inc., its affiliations and peer organizations, or the Statewide Snowmobile Trail System;  Understand that incidents and/or trends that are inconsistent with the Code of Conduct can result in immediate suspension by the Club President, including the issuance of conditions or limitations not limited to representation, activity participation and use of property including the trail system the Club maintains. 

Club Phone: (973) 897-4680
Club Phone: (973) 897-4680
Club Socials:
Club Address: P.O. Box 164
Lunenburg, VT 05906
Club Contact:
Mike Mutascio
(973) 897-4680