Gihon Trak Packers - History

The Gihon Trak Packer snowmobile club was formed in the late 60's by a small group of local snowmobile enthusiasts.

In the early days there wasn't any groomed trails but club members would get together to enjoy the new sport. They would break new trails, go on short trips together and work at meetings to improve and expand the club.

The Club incorporated in 1972 to join The Vermont Association Of Snow Travelers (VAST) and officially call themselves The Gihon Trak Packers. The name derived from operating around the Gihon River and grooming there trails with a groomer called the "Trak Packer" which was manufactured in North Hyde Park, Vermont.

As VAST grew and improved the state wide system, the Gihon Trak Packers also grew. VAST membership money was used to help pay clubs to groom their trails. There was always a constant need to improve the trail system.

Many hours of hard work, donated time and equipment, fund raisers, business donations, VAST grants, loans and club dues through the years has enabled the club to update equipment and improve the trails.

Equipment updates from the "Trak Packer" consisted of an "Alpine" in 1980, the purchase of a "1977 Tucker Snow Cat" in 1991, to a " 1989 Tucker Snow Cat" with an eight foot wide drag in 1993. The club now as a "2003 Tucker Snow Cat".

There have been numerous leaders and hard core workers in the club from the very beginning to the present. At present The Gihon Trak Packers have approximately 200 members made up of locals, far away towns and even a few from out of state.

They groom over 50 miles of trails and attract snowmobile's from far away clubs to come and enjoy the trails near the Gihon River.