b'7VAST PRESIDENTS REPORTSubmitted by Tim MillsAnother year has come and gone and here we are with the VAST Annual Meeting just around the corner. It truly amazes me how fast time seems to fly by and there is never enough of it to get everything on our to-do list done with another summer of being on the run. As usual, it has been another busy year for everyone here at VAST and at your local club level. Construction projects are happening statewide, clubs are performing grooming equipment maintenance, and other trail related projects are well under way. Work on the LVRT is an ongoing process with some projects moving faster than others. The VAST Summer Summit held this past June was another success in my opinion. The Summer Summit was attended by the VAST board of directors, alternate directors, county presidents and county trail coordinators. This years focus was once again on streamlining all aspects of the snowmobile programs here in Vermont and being efficient with all resources. These meetings are not only worthwhile to us all as snowmobilers, but are a great investment of time and energy by all who attend. Having our membership and VAST organizations best interests at heart are always our goals as we work on these tough issues. This year the annual meeting is being hosted by Caledonia county and is being held at Northern Vermont Universityto catch up with old friends and make new ones with located in Lyndonville. This year also marks our 52 nd people who share the same love for our sport as you do. anniversary. Annual Meeting is a great opportunity to beI hope you are able to attend. We look forward to seeing active and have a voice. It is also a great opportunityyou all there!VAST VICE PRESIDENTS REPORTSubmitted by Jeff FayAs we head to this years Annual Meeting, I want to thankA special note of recognition to the awards committee all of the volunteers who have put in countless hours ofand chairperson Patty Companik. Choosing the award preparation to highlight Caledonia county and the VASTrecipients is not an easy task by any means, multiple clubs within the county that maintain some of the statescategories, multiple submissions per category and many most scenic trails. Every year there are new twists spundeserving individuals and clubs. Patty wont be able into Annual Meeting - from craft fairs, vintage sleds, andto join us this year due to a previous commitment, but new event spaces, to who knows what this year.Rumorshe has spent endless hours preparing the awards and is, and this comes from a very reliable source, its goingthe presentation script. One more of the amazing VAST to be the best one yet!! volunteers behind the scenesThank You, Patty! As always, a huge Thank You to all of our landownersI hope to see some new faces at this years meeting. and club volunteers for making Vermont a fantastic placeRemember, its your association and this is a chance to to snowmobile. Also, a shout out to our VAST staff forhave input for the future of the sport.Join usits a keeping everything on track all year longThank You. good time.Ride Right, Ride Safe, Respectsee you soon.'