b'12GOVERNORS SNOWMOBILE COUNCIL Submitted by Patrick Poulin, ChairThe Governors Snowmobile Advisory Council Meets on the first Wednesday of the month from September to June.Established by Statute statue 23V.S.A. & 3216, This council shall review, advise and consent on development of the annual plan for the expenditure of funds for the statewide snowmobile trails program and the environmental and community impacts, development of snowmobile trails, ways to encourage snowmobile traffic in those communities that seek more traffic and control the growth in municipalities that desire less traffic, adequacy of parking areas, carrying capacity of trails, state laws and rules affecting snowmobilers and promoting snowmobiling in this state.Members of the council are:(A) the President or designee of VAST;(B) the Secretary of Natural Resources or designee;(C) the Commissioner of Fish and Wildlife or designee; status of the LVRT monthly as well as other ongoing Items from VAST.Representatives from the geographic (D) the Commissioner of Public Safety or designee; regions of the state report on items from their regions (E) the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles or designee; that are on going or that may have an impact on the sport.(F) the Commissioner of Forests, Parks and Recreation orItems that the council reviewed this past season were:designee;(G) the President of the Vermont Sheriffs Association orWording of the Safety Education lawsdesignee; Vermont Snowmobile Fine schedule(H) the President of the Vermont Chiefs of PoliceAdded a member to the council for VAST Multi use Association or designee; trails(I) five members appointed by the Governor toTrail SafetyCountdown hand signalsrepresent geographic regions of the State; Off Trail Riding(J) one member of the House of RepresentativesFY2020 SSTP Budgetappointed by the Speaker of the House; (K) oneVermont Snowmobile Accident Reportingmember of the Senate appointed by the Committee on Committees.Thank you to the following Volunteers from the The Chair shall be appointed by the Governor. geographical areas:The council monthly reviews the current spendingNortheast: Ken Gammellevels of the SSTP Budget as well as registration numbers, TMA numbers and safety class numbers. Northwest: Star PoulinEach of the VAST Law Enforcement partners reportCentral: Tim Millson current issue and levels of enforcement.Any legislative issues that might impact snowmobiling areSouth: Dick Jewettreviewed as well as a report from the Southern VermontMulti-use Trails: Gary NolanSnowmobile Task Force.The council is updated on'