b'14 VERMONT SNOW TRAILS CONSERVANCY REPORTSubmitted byPatrick Poulin , SecretaryThe VSTC has met throughout the 2018/19 season.We are currently working on a couple of potential easements,one in Mt Holly and one in Berlin.I would like to take this opportunity to thank the trustees of the VSTC for their time and efforts over the past year.Jim HillPresidentCindy LockeVice PresidentMark EllingwoodTreasurerStan ChoinereTrusteeFrank StanleyTrusteeGreg Rouleau - TrusteeFINANCE COMMITTEE REPORTSubmitted by Sonia Koehler, TreasurerThank you all for your continued support for the sporta surplus in the GF of about $47,608. For the Trails Fund of snowmobiling in the State of Vermont. This past(TF), we budgeted income to be $2,026,717. We believe winter was an amazing year in some areas and otherwe will end with around $2,107,293 with a difference areas had their challenges. This year ourtotal Trailof $80,576. For expenses we budgeted $2,012,345 Maintenance Assessment (TMA) counts were a littleand we expect to end the year at around $2,226,222 higher overall by 1,348. We were up in some categoriesa difference of $213,877. Most of that is found in and up overall in revenue by $116,709. One thing togrooming, which went over budget by $171,995. The point out in the TMA count is that our 3-Day TMAs aloneoverage in grooming is partially being paid from the increased 361 from last years 4-Day TMAs. Early Birdleftover revenue from the GF and the rest from the (EB) registered in VT was up 573. EB NOT Registeredgrooming contingency. Regarding the FY20 budget, in VT was up 561. RS registered in VT was down 380.there are small increases and decreases throughout Regular Season (RS) NOT registered in VT was up 73.which are mostly due to actual dollars received or spent Most of the switch to EB TMA sales was due to the earlyin FY18 since in FY18 we had more of a normal start snow we got in November and early December last year.to the season as reflected by other past years and not Overall the biggest impact of loss continues to be folksso many Early Bird sales. One larger jump in spending with sleds registered in VT. in the General Fund in 2020 will be for an additional On the income side of the General Fund (GF), we had$50,000 to our trail liability insurance premium due to budgeted an income of $938,711. We believe we willlitigation.end with around $967,537 instead, which is a differenceSaving has also occurred due to the work of the VAST of $28,826. On the other hand, we had budgeted tostaff over the past few years that have netted VAST a spend $925,569, but now we expect to expense closersavings of $227,130. This has happened by negotiating to $919,928, a difference of $5,641. We should end withbetter contracts and doing more work internally.'