b'651 stVAST Annual Meeting Minutes Cont.TRAIL ADMINISTRATORS REPORTMark Reaves moved to approve the Trail Administrators report as presented, Dick Jewett seconded. Motion passed unanimously.PROPOSED VAST GENERAL FUND, TRAILS AND SCHOLARSHIP BUDGETSSonia Koehler gave a brief overview of last fiscal years financials, noting that the overall number of TMAs was down from the prior year but revenue was up. Biggest loss impact in number of TMAs was sleds registered in Vermont. A surplus is projected for the general fund of approximately $43,000. The grooming line item went over budget somewhat, but we still ended with a $145,000 surplus, which the Finance Committee would like to go into reserve funds, with the lions share to the trails reserve. She also noted projected increases in legal and lobbying budgets for the coming year, with lobbyist Frank Stanley brought back for year-round so that we can keep on top of legislative actions, such as Act 250, and an increase to the grooming budget.ANNUAL AUDITORS REPORTStan Choiniere moved that the members accept the annual auditors report, seconded by Mark Reaves. Motion passed unanimously.Cindy Locke, VAST Executive Director, reviewed with the members the VAST General Budget for 2019 as contained in pp. 22-25) of the Annual Report. There are no proposed TMA increases, but there is a change in limited -use TMAs from 4 days to 3 daysCurt Marechaux moved acceptance of the budget as presented, Mark Reaves seconded. Motion passed unanimously.NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT AND SLATE OF OFFICERSPatty Companik, Chair of the Awards and Nominating Committee, announced that we have one candidate for each office:PresidentTim MillsVice PresidentJeff FaySecretaryJim HillTreasurerSonia KoehlerShe made the traditional formal request for any additional nominations, three times for each office. Hearing no further nominations from the floor, nominations were closed for each office.Dick Jewett moved that the members cast one ballot for the slate of officers as proposed, Larry Dwyer seconded. All nominees were unanimously elected by the membership.It having been moved and seconded and unanimously passed, the 51 stVAST Annual Meeting was adjourned at 2:15 PM.'