b'15 PROPOSED BYLAW CHANGESThe following Bylaw updates will be presented forSection 2 membership approval at Annual Meeting. Each updateThe Board of Directors shall set annual TMA fees/dues may be voted on individually, and only these sections offor this Association. They shall be based upon a budget By-Laws shall be open for discussion. approved by the membership, voted on at the Annual ARTICLE II. ORGANIZATIONMeeting and approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote Section 5of the delegates present.The Club shall as requested by VAST, at Clubs own(a) The Board of Directors shall set a Commercial TMA expense make such records available for inspectionfee/dues annually.A portion of the fee/dues equal to and audit (including copies and extracts of records asthat ofan In-State Regular Season TMA shall be used to required) by an auditing firm or CPA selected by VAST.defray budget expense.The balance shall be distributed Such records shall be made available within fifteen (15)by the VAST Trails Administrator to the local impacted business days after notification by VAST and/or Countyclubs or individuals whose duty it is to maintain and Director in accordance to VAST policy. groom trails in that area.Funding will be distributed as Section 6outlined in the VAST Trails Policy Manual.The 14 Incorporated County Snowmobile Clubs shall be(b) Complimentary TMA -At the discretion of the governed by a common set of Articles of Association, andExecutive Director and/or the Board of Directors a shall be affiliate members of the Association.complimentary, limited duration, TMA(s) may be issued County Articles of Association to visitors to facilitate their stay in Vermont.a)County Clubs shall be governed by Articles of(c) County Director/VAST Officer Volunteer TMAAssociation amended version of 9/24/2011 9/7/2019;VAST is eligible to provide one (1) volunteer TMA for these Articles may not be changed without approvaleach county director/VAST officer in recognition of by plurality vote at VAST Annual Meeting. Countytheir commitment to attend monthly meetings.Clubs may create By-Laws governing the minimumARTICLE VIII. COMMITTEES number of members, membership dues, additions orSection 1 deletions of clubs. Committees shall be appointed by the President in d) Active Membership - Any snowmobile organization/ conjunction with the VAST Executive Director as club is eligible to become an active member of thisnecessary to assist in carrying out the mission of the association, with full voting and other privileges,organization. Committees shall be reviewed and approved provided it is qualified under such rules as theby the VAST Board of Directors. The President, with membership committee VAST Board of Directors maythe consent of the Board of Directors, or the Board of provide. Each active member shall be entitled to oneDirectors, shall charge the committees with their duties as vote in the affairs of the association, proxy voting isapplicable.The President shall appoint committee chairs allowed. The approved Active Members shall be affiliatedand it shall be their responsibility to provide written members of the County Club. Additions or deletions ofreports of their meetings to the Board of Directors.At an organization/club may be done at a duly organizedleast one member of each committee shall be a Director.meeting of the association by a majority vote of those in attendance at the meeting.Such proposed AmendmentsPolicy and By-Laws Committee shall be mailed to each active member organization atJeff FayChairleast 30-days prior to the meeting at which action is onCindy Locke -VAST ED agenda. Mark ReavesWashington Cty Director ARTICLE III. Trails Maintenance AssessmentCurt MarechauxRutland Cty Director(TMA)/DUES Section 1 A Three Day (or limited time) TMA will include membership. valid only for the specified time frame and will not afford any voting rights or benefits.'