b'10LAW ENFORCEMENT SUBCOMMITTEE REPORTSubmitted by Gary Nolan, ChairA special subcommittee of VAST has been put into placeReviewing and making recommendations regarding to look at snowmobile law enforcement in Vermont.law enforcement training and accident responding.This is a committee made up of representativesConsulting with above listed committees regarding of the Vermont Snowmobile Governors Council.the VAST Safety Ambassadors working with law This committee will make recommendations to theenforcement when requested by law enforcement, following: Vermont Snowmobile Governors Council,specifically when responding to accident scenes.VAST Safety Committee, VAST Safety AmbassadorThis committee has begun its work by holding a Program and VAST Board of Directors. meeting with representatives of the Southern Vermont Task Force to learn how their operations work to This committee has various charges that include: oversee and direct law enforcement in the southern part of our state. Another meeting is planned prior to Reviewing and making recommendations regardingthe VAST annual meeting to meet with Vermont Fish current law enforcement strategies and coverage onand Wildlife leadership for a similar purpose.trails.MULTI-USE COMMITTEE REPORTSubmitted by Gary Nolan, ChairThis is a committee that has been a part of VAST forprovinces are also having these discussions, we did not over a year, although we have not met recently. Thiswant to miss the boat to see if it is even anything we committee is in place to explore the idea of multi-usewould want to consider in the future, even on a limited winter trails in Vermont. We are only exploring the ideaamount of pilot trails. We understand that there are with the understanding that it would be a long processfolks passionate about having multi-use winter trails and need many conversations with clubs, landowners,and some are very passionate about not having them, board of directors and our members. Doing this wouldso again this is why this is an exploratory committee also take legislative changes. Because other states andonly.'