b'9EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS REPORT promote VAST more, drill down on better and leanerto teach and govern important environmental land ways to operate, etc. It was a good two days and somestewardship procedures.action items came out of the meeting. These are babyVAST clubs, their steadfast volunteers, and the steps for us and while we see other states taking muchlandowners who allow riders to cross their land are the more drastic steps, our goal is to be doing what webackbone of the organization.can to save money so we can put it where it is needed. Change is always tough, but its important to alwaysVAST maintains a working relationship with more than keep evaluating our organization, procedures and9000 private landowners (80 percent of VAST trails outcomes. In reality, both New Hampshire and Maineare privately owned and the other 20 percent are on have realized they are not putting enough money intostate and federal lands). Snowmobiling is a privilege maintaining their own snowmobile industry and as aand is permitted only through the generosity of these result, in this past legislative session New Hampshireproperty owners.moved to increase their registration fees quite substantially over the next two seasons, bringing themVAST has a good working relationship with state more in line with what Vermont charges. agencies including Agency of Natural Resources; Forest, Parks and Recreation; Fish and Wildlife; and Agency of This past legislative session was again a tough one, andTransportation.I spent a lot of time in the state house and in meetings with legislators, agency leaders, and administrationWith our clubs we maintain more than 100 large leaders. Constantly having to defend outdoor recreationgrooming machines statewide that have a collective in Vermont can be frustrating. I am hoping that withvalue of $15,000,000.more common efforts between VAST and otherLots of the VAST trail system is also enjoyed by other outdoor recreation leaders as hosts of trail systems, wesports like cross country skiing and snowshoeing at no as a group can influence more change to benefit ourcost to those users.members in the future. ACT 250, for those of you who own land or a business in Vermont, can be daunting.VAST and our members feel it is incredibly important I have spent the past year working on a plan to getto be great stewards of the land, and that includes recreation trails out of ACT 250 by working with otherrespecting the land, landowners and those who use it.trail leaders in Vermont.I am always looking for help talking about VAST andWHY VAST TRAILS AREIMPORTANT TO VERMONTsnowmobiling at public meetings. If you would like to do so, I am offering the information below, whichConserving environmental and historic resources is what I did last year. With elections only a year away,that are central to Vermonts heritage;its very important that, when you can, you speak up for VAST at public meetings. When talking with folks Conferring healthy exercise benefits to users at a running for office, you should have the information youvariety of activity and ability levels;need. Here is some great VAST info you can carry withProviding safe and inviting places for people you when you are asked questions about VAST:to spend time in a natural environment, thereby ABOUT VAST increasing awareness of the importance of the VAST was founded in 1967 as a non-profit 501-c-3states unique landscapes and wildlife;membership association.Benefiting the economic development of small VAST maintains 4,700 miles of statewide groomed trails. towns relying on our members;VAST has 23,000 members (largest outdoor recreationAttracting tourists in a manner that encourages association in VT). respect and appreciation for Vermonts rural spaces and small-town communities.VAST members contribute $500,000,000 a year toThink Snow for 2019 and thank you so much to all that Vermonts economy. you who volunteer do! If you ever want to chat about VAST has 127 volunteer clubs statewide to maintain andVAST, feel free to reach out to me anytime.manage our trails with strict policies and procedures'