b'11NOMINATING, SCHOLARSHIP & RECOGNITION COMMITTEESubmitted by Patty Companik, ChairIt really is amazing how many dedicated volunteersengaged and provide additional details about the there are in this association. There are many people whonomination, club, trails, etc.are dedicated to maintaining and building this sport, starting at the local level with club events, trail work,We also review all scholarship applications, which is bridges, grooming, etc.Another core group is engagedno easy task. The committee utilizes a point system at the county level and yet another group at the VASTwhich spans seven different scoring categories. The top level. In many cases, you will see some of the same facescandidates are fractions of a point different in the final at all levels of engagement. scores. We hope to increase our scholarship recipients to three next year.This committee has the privilege of hearing about many of these dedicated people every year throughThis year we received 11 applications and selected membership nominations.The number of nominationstwo young people to each receive the $1,500 VAST continue to grow, making our job more difficult.Its notscholarships. Carson Molleur of Woodbury, Vermont is how many nominations were sent in for a person ora member of the Mountain Tamers. Carson is planning club; its the details on a nomination that matter.Theto attend Rochester Institute of Technology in New York person making the nomination should take time toto study Mechanical Engineering Technology. Morgan explain what that club or person has done in detail. Stevens of Athens, Vermont is a member of the Grafton Outing Club. Morgan is planning to attend Vermont The committee consists of the following members:Technical College to study Business Technology and Star Poulin, Dick Jewett, Merritt Budd, and CurtManagement.Marechaux. During the award selection process Cindy Locke, Matt Tetreault, Jeff Fay, and Tim Mills are fullyThe committee is also pleased to share that all four of our current VAST officers are seeking reelection this year.LONG RANGE PLANNING COMMITTEE REPORTSubmitted by Mark Reaves, ChairEach year, the committees work focuses on hostingEnsuring resources are directed to areas that and moderating the annual VAST Leadership Summit.may face increased ridership due to seasonal For two days in June, the board of directors, VASTfluctuations in snowfall;leadership and county officers meet to discuss the challenges facing snowmobiling and to begin Ensuring the VAST organization remains developing solutions to address those challenges.financially stable during periods of fluctuating The committee focuses the conversation on severalrevenue.areas over the course of the summit:In the coming months, the Long Range Planning Ensuring our member clubs have the supportCommittee will be developing a presentation outlining they need to build and maintain their trail systemsthe ideas generated at the Summit. Our goal is to to the highest possible standards; give the presentation at county and club meetings throughout the state.We hope to see you soon! Ensuring all trails are adequately and efficiently groomed and that grooming equipment is used to its fullest potential;'