4 49TH VAST Annual Meeting Minutes Cont. WELCOMING ADDRESS Merritt Budd – Rutland County Director, addressed the Annual meeting. Good afternoon everybody, I’d like to welcome you all to the 49th VAST Annual meeting, being held at the Killington Grand Hotel on this fine day of August 20, 2016. I would like to thank everyone for making this meeting a success, especially Marty Zipf, who took it upon herself to take over and keep the committees going. Most Rutland County members know, but others may not, that our main charity has been to help support the therapy pool at the Vermont Achievement Center. Over the last 40 plus years we have raised thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for this cause. Ann Hunt from VAC would like to come up and say a few words on the county’s behalf. Todays’meeting is being conducted according to Robert’s Rules. Mike Mosher from West Rutland will be our parliamentarian, to help keep us on track. Thank you all for coming, here’s hoping for a cold and snowy winter. Ann Hunt from the Vermont Achievement Center talked of the importance of their Center and the great support that the Rutland County clubs have made in donations and otherwise to them. PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS Tim Mills, president of VAST, welcomed the members to the Annual Meeting. ANNUAL AWARDS President’s Awards • Director of the Year: Merritt Budd • Officer of the Year: Jeff Fay • Carmi Duso: Roone Gibbs • President’s Award #1: Cindy Locke • President’s Award #2: Ken Gammell • President’s Award #3: Star and Pat Poulin • President’s Award #4: Lee Whiting • Business Partner: Central Vermont Motorcycles Executive Director’s Awards • Legislator of the Year: Senator Rich Westman • Public Official of the Year: Secretary of AOT, Chris Cole • VAST Award of Excellence: Rick Kaminski • VAST Award of Excellence: Tim Mills Trail Administrator’s Awards • Groomer of the Year: Paul Racine • Ambition: Heide Fox • Appreciation: Tina Deering • Dedication: Merle Young • Effort: Matt Powers, Bunnie Caruso • Enthusiasm: Marvin Whitcomb • Patience: Tim Bowen and Tom Patterson • Trailmasters of the Year: Derek Aldrighetti – Tim Aldrighetti – Dave Aldrighetti • County Trail Coordinator of the Year: Dave Page Annual Best of the Year Awards • Snowmobile Club of the Year: Foote of the Mountain Snowmobile Club • Most Improved Trails: Ridge Climbers • Best Signed Trails: Chittenden Dammers • Project of the Year: Lyndon Sno Cruisers