26 2016/17 Summary  VAST spent $158,817 in Trail Maintenance, 456,768 in Trail Construction and $15,933 in debrushing on a total of 129 Grant-In-Aid Projects.  The VAST Grooming Fleet logged a total of 96,464 miles during the 2016/17 snowmobile season. (Class 1: 88,058 Class 2: 2,412 Class 3: 1,416, Class 4: 4,578).  $77,659 was spent on Law Enforcement through the Vermont Sheriff’s Association, Vermont State Police and Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife during the 2016/17 snowmobile season. There were approximately $10,331 in fines issued for non compliance with the various Vermont Laws. There were 2,307.15 hours of patrols, 6,803 inspections, 1053 citations issued, 493 warnings issued, 2 search and rescue missions, 0 accident investigations and 0 fatalities investigated.  The VAST Plowed Parking Area Program was a success once again during the 2016/17 season. There were a total of 30 parking areas throughout the state that were plowed under contract this past winter. Approximately $15,837 was paid out of the budget for this purpose. Each of these parking areas provided riders with crucial access to the SSTS.  The VAST Trails Committee and Board of Directors continued to monitor policies designed to help the clubs and the trail Construction/Maintenance/ Debrushing/Grooming budgets. Policies will continue to be reviewed as necessary.  VAST held a Spring Construction Seminar at the Barre Auditorium on Saturday, April 22nd . There were 176 VAST volunteers representing 95 of the 128 VAST affiliated clubs.  $19,538 was spent in the VAST Equipment Grant in Aid Program and helped 4 clubs with capital repairs on their equipment. (Arctic Cat: 0, Polaris: 0, PistenBully0, Prinoth: 0, Tucker:0, Mogul Master Drag: 0, Mtn. Snow Drag 0 Maxey Drag: 0, Frenchie Drag: 0, Capital Repairs:0, Rescue Boggan: 0)  Average age of a Class I piece of equipment on the SSTS is a 2003 (13.5 years old).  VAST and the Snow Trails Conservancy/Charitable Trust continue to work with various trusts and conservation groups to obtain permanent easements on private lands.  VAST is continuing its efforts to market ourselves better, promote volunteerism, safe riding and snowmobiling in Vermont by attending numerous power sports shows and placing our Snowmobile Vermont Magazine in welcome centers and local businesses.  VAST has also continued to add new features and improve upon our electronic version of the trail map or interactive map as we are calling it. This map was accessible on the website as well as through the app store for Smart Phone or Android device. Both products were used by over 10,000 people from around the world. Thanks to all of you for making this organization possible! SSTP CONTINUED