8 49TH VAST Annual Meeting Minutes Cont. • Tim Mills – Just so you understand, you have amended your original motion and now you will need a second. • Mike Coleman, correct; I amend my original motion. • Frank Companik seconded the motion. • Tim Mills – We are opening the floor for discussion; this is to discuss the amendment. • Dave Page – A question I am having from people around me, if they vote on it and they do not want to see a change from where it presently is, do they vote it down. • Tim Mills – If they are not supporting out of state officers, then they vote no. • Tim Mills - Any further discussion from the floor on the amendment. • Jeff Fay – Carmin – your earlier question. There was time involved and it wasn’t necessarily about the competition; it was more about the commitment, the ability to have meetings relatively quickly. • Jim Dwinell, Barre Town Thunder Chickens – It seems to be that the point of this is not to restrict the pool of volunteers, why do we still have a state snowmobile line? If we are going to open this up to people who are willing to get involved, it is possible that someone might not have a sled, but they still want to be involved. • Tim Mills – One of the biggest reasons for that being in the bylaws is because we want them to be a snowmobile owner, as opposed to someone who hikes the Appalachian Trail or something similar, so you can understand why that is in there. You want them to be part of the organization before they are telling you what to do with the organization. • But it states that they need to be a club member? • Tim Mills – This is only for officer positions. In order to buy a TMA, you have to have a snowmobile. Other than that, it would just be a donation. I would prefer not to cloud the issue with other terminology.We are either voting for out of state residents to hold an officers position or not; all the rest is for another day. • Stan Choiniere – The position still has to be voted on. If someone is trying to get on the board in an officers position, who is not supportive of snowmobiling, it is unlikely that the membership would vote them in. We protect those positions every year at this meeting. Each individual officer position is going to be voted on, so this could be a bylaw change, and maybe there will never be a non-resident holding an officer’s position because the membership doesn’t vote them in. It just gives the opportunity for the Association to have the non-residents in office. • Dave Ladd – I would like to call the question by Austrailian ballot. • Tim Mills – first, we have two motions on the floor.We have to rescind the original motion, which included the word“Vermont” before we can move forward with the amended motion. So, the person that gave us the original motion and the amended motion, please go to the microphone and rescind your original motion please. • Mike Coleman – I rescind the original motion that included the word“Vermont”. • Patty Companik – I rescind my second motion for the original motion that included the word“Vermont”. • Tim Mills – We are going to go by ballot vote and the County Directors will collect the ballots at the end of the section. • Tim Mills – A yes vote stands as for his amended motion for out of state residents to hold an officers position, not included the words“Vermont”for the snowmobile registration. • Tim Mills - Yes means you approve an out of state resident being an officer and no means you do not approve. • Jeff Fay – The vote is 144 to 47 to approve the motion to allow non-residents to hold an officer position. • Jeff Fay – Just a reminder, that officers do not vote at Board meetings, and also that anyone, resident or non-resident, can be a county director.There is currently a vacancy for Bennington County. Jeff noted that there was only one representative from Bennington County, Mary Beth Daniels. BYLAW AND REVIEW WITH CHANGES • Jeff most of these changes were housekeeping. We added, on page 3, a state statute definition of a snowmobile. That was to give a definition if the statute changes in relation to snow bikes or any other change that was covered in our bylaws without having to come back to the annual meeting to update. Our bylaws definition will follow the state statute. • Drop the word“grooming”from the contingency fund and raise the amount from $250,000 to $500,000. • Added a section on membership, and added sections to cover a vintage TMA option, to the TMA section. • Took out“recording”to the reference of secretary, all the way through. • Made an addition in Section 5; employees cannot be officers or directors of the association, the local club or county club. • Dave Ladd – make a motion to accept the changes proposed to the bylaws; Dexter Willson – seconded, so moved. • Patty Companik – In Section 4, a VAST employee shall not hold any club office or serve as a club director. This is an active employee, correct? • Jeff Fay – Yes, if you are an employee, you are active employee. • Cindy Locke – an additional award – person has arrived. I think it is important that we recognize what he has done. He is Senator Rich Westman from Lamoille County. He has been with the House of Representatives for many years; right out of college, he is one of the most senior people in the State House. He has chaired many committees; he moved over to the