10 49TH VAST Annual Meeting Minutes Cont. • Tom Baltrus – we projected a sale of 2,000. Remember, we last year we changed the structure of how we sold TMAs, based on where the snowmobile is registered. We don’t really know how that worked out, because we lost the sale of 6,000 sleds because of a bad season, so we don’t know how those TMAs really did. • We budgeted $10,000 because we don’t really know how much effort the on line sales are going to require in terms of staff, i.e., temporary help. • Employee Travel – 95 percent of success is you have to show up; you have to be at shows, at meetings. • Patty Companik – What is included in the employee travel portion? • Cindy Locke – lodging, meals, travel, meeting costs. We also go to the Northeast Chapter meeting. • Patty Companik – What kind of training are we looking at? • Tom Baltrus – GIS system, train people on operating the on line system. • Cindy Locke –We had to get a CPA to work with us to start working with clubs for compliance.We didn’t have a line item.What we are trying to do is develop more line items, but not to distort the historic data that goes with it, because when you start changing line items around or adding, you are messing with historic data. • Tom – when you see a new line item, if you look further on in the presentation and you will see an account closed with no 2017 projection. We are trying to be a little more explicit in defining some of these revenues and expenses, to give a better picture of where the money is going. • CindyLocke–Ifyoulook,Ihavea$2,500expenseaccount.Quiteoftenthereisnotalineitemforsomething,butit’ssomething that the staff needs, she joined the National HR Society last year for $200.00. I took it out of my expense account because we didn’t have a way to do that; whether it is a helmet for safety, etc. Now we have a budget for safety equipment, but we didn’t have it last year. • Tom Baltrus – There was an increase in insurance this year also. • Sheila Fenoff-Willett – It’s an increase in Cyber insurance; we didn’t previously have cyber insurance. This insurance is for on line TMAs sales and collecting money. • Cindy Locke – also we increased the insurance on the snowmobiles. • You will see that the Annual Meeting now has its’own accounting line. • Question - What was 7600/1010 – the IRS? • Cindy Locke – I don’t know if anyone has talked to Christina today about compliance. We are putting together a compliance booklet for the clubs so they can be compliance with state and federal law. So, how are we going to get the clubs to do this; to get help for the clubs. We came up with the idea that we need a grant process for each county to have someone that will be a sort of“compliance officer”that would work with the clubs.That $32,000 is a placeholder in case we need it and we move forward in a few months and we decide to divide this money to help the clubs with compliance. • Patty Companik – Printing for the [unintelligible in recording] for the on line. • Tom Baltrus – We have a new publication that we will be printing. • Cindy Locke – It includes the Traveler’s Guide. • Tom Baltrus – We are trying to broaden the base; we are trying to reach more people with these publications. We hope the Travelers’Guidebook will open some new opportunities for us. • Cindy Locke – Even with that, the $72,000 is less than what we budgeted for this current year. • Dexter Willson – We have had these booklets for over a week and people have had a chance to review this Budget. I would like to move that we accept the budget as presented. • Mike Perrigo from the Sno Bees seconded the motion, so moved. • Mike Dwinell, Barre Town Thunder Chicken’s – We are trying to figure out if the budget is based on the TMAs staying at the same price or is there going to be an increase? • Tom Baltrus – We think there may be a small, $5.00 increase. We set that price after, it will be on the regular season TMA. • Mike Dwinell – so the projection is based on a $5.00 increase on the regular seasonTMA. I just want to be sure that is what we are voting on. • Tom – Based on the past season, we are trying to front load it. • Mike Dwinell – I am not necessarily opposed to it, I just want to make sure that is what we are voting on. Mike Dwinell – So, essentially you are trying to encourage people to buy EB’s? • Jeff Fay – We are trying to increase the difference between the Early Bird and the Regular Season slightly. • Mike Dwinell – I think there’s a chance for us to make more money, because people are going to be foolish enough to wait, thinking it is not going to snow again. • Doug Wilson, Mad River Ridge Runners - $100,000 income increase, is coming from that? • Cindy Locke – It’s about $47,000. • Doug Wilson – Well, there is $660,000, and you take out the $50,000 for the on line. $600,000 versus $489,000 for the 2016 budget and number of sleds. On page 34, your income is $668,509, and $50,000 you are getting from your on line thing? So the fiscal year budget 2016 is $489,000, yet you are only adding 1,000 TMAs to that. • Jeff Fay – No, you are going from 16,880 to 22,841.