6 49TH VAST Annual Meeting Minutes Cont. Presentation of Awards and Presentations were completed at 2:45 p.m. Business portion of the meeting started at 2:48 p.m. PRESENTATION OF HEAD TABLE Mike Mosher: Parlimentarian Tim Mills: President Jeff Fay: Vice President Jim Hill: Secretary Tom Baltrus: Treasurer Cindy Locke: Executive Director Matt Tetreault: Trails Administrator DELEGATE COUNT Jim Hill, Secretary, read the Tally of Voting Delegates for each county, as follows: Addison (10); Bennington (1); Caledonia (29); Chittenden (8); Essex (14); Franklin (0); Grand Isle (3); Lamoille (10); Orange (16); Orleans (10); Rutland (42); Washington (15); Windham (15); Windsor (38). MEETING AGENDA Larry Dwyer moved to approve the agenda for the annual meeting; Lewis Barnes seconded, so moved. ANNUAL MEETING MINUTES FROM SEPTEMBER 12, 2015 Lewis Barnes moved to approve the annual meeting minutes from 2015, Dave Ladd seconded, so moved. PRESIDENT’S REPORT Kurt Marcheaux moved to approve the President’s Report as presented, Leon Jaworski seconded, so moved. EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT Ed Hebebrand moved to approve the Executive Director’s report as presented, Larry Dwyer seconded, so moved. VAST MEETING REPORT Pat Poulin moved to approve the VAST Annual Meeting Report as presented, Ed Hebebrand seconded, so moved. TRAIL ADMINISTRATOR’S REPORT Gary Lamberton moved to approve the Trail Administrator’s report as presented, Kurt Marcheaux seconded, so moved. PETITIONED BYLAW PROPOSAL • Jeff Fay – first order of business on bylaws is the petition to re-evaluate the board decision on allowing non-residents to hold officer positions. The proposed amendment is up on the screen, which reads, “Officers of the association shall be President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, treasurer and Immediate Past President. Officers shall be club members in good standing, members of the assocsation and snowmobile owners. Another portion that is being requested to be added, is,“if an officer misses a percentage of meetings, the board will meet with that officer to discuss circumstances and return a [unintelligible in recording]. • So changes are removing the tail end of the existing bylaw of “legal residents of the state of Vermont”, and adding the attendance percentage.That percentage has not been decided. I know that 80 percent has been discussed. hat would be an option for discussion among the members here today. • The board has reviewed this, along with the other bylaws changes that we had, and decided that they were not willing to support this change. One of the major reasons was time commitment and accessibility. It was felt that the time needed as an officer of the association was not conducive to having someone from out of state. Mileage reimbursement was a small factor in it, but not a major issue. That is what prompted the petition. It was run through the proper procedure as I [unintelligible in recording], so that is where we are at today. • Dave Ladd – I would like to clarify that the board did not consider any of the additions to the proposal having to do with missed meetings, etc. That was not part of the discussion. • Jeff Fay – Another point of clarification; the original proposal to the board on this was strictly to the office of Secretary. This