18 GOVERNOR’S SNOWMOBILE COUNCIL Submitted by Richard G. Jewitt, Chair This council is made up of legislative representatives (one member of the senate, one member of the house), two people from DMV; all law enforcement agencies; State Police, Fish and Wildlife, Vt. Sheriff’s Association, Vt. Police Chief’s Association; Southern Vt. Snowmobile Task Force, and Vt. Department of Forest, Parks, and Recre- ation. The council also includes the VAST Executive Di- rector, Trails Administrator, and trails manager. There are five volunteer VAST members appointed by the Gover- nor to represent geographic regions of the state as well. These members represent the system as: the Northwest, Northeast, Central, and Southern portions of the state as well as a chairman appointed by the governor. The Council shall serve the following functions: • To review, advise, and consent on development of the annual plan for the expenditure of funds for the Statewide Snowmobile Trail Program; • To review and advise the Governor and General Assembly on matters relating to , and promoting snowmobiling in Vermont, including environmental and community impacts, development of snowmo- bile trails, ways to encourage snowmobile traffic, adequacy of parking areas, carrying capacity trails, State laws and rules affecting snowmobilers, and • promoting snowmobiling in this state; • To help coordinate the efforts of VAST and State and Federal agencies, private industry, and nonprofit organizations in meeting the needs of snowmobilers in Vermont; • To perform any other duties or functions regarding snowmobiling assigned by the Governor; • To assure that municipal legislative bodies are given advance notice and an opportunity for input be- fore trail or parking lot expansion takes place in the community. • The members appointed by the Governor shall serve for two year terms and all others shall serve the term of their office. • The Council may designate technical work groups, composed of representatives of appropriate public agencies, private organizations, and individuals, to assist in the collection, study, and evaluation of information and to advise the Council on particular issues. • The appointed members of the Council and the Pres- ident or designee of VAST shall be entitled to com- pensation. Expenditures shall be paid from snow- mobile funds appropriated to the Agency of Natural Resources for administration of the program. • Legislative members shall be entitled to compensa- tion and reimbursement of expenses . • Technical work group members shall not be entitled to compensation or reimbursement of expenses. • The Council is attached to the office of the Secretary of Natural Resources for administrative support. • The State may extend coverage of its liability insur- ance to parties under contract with the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation for the development and maintenance of the snowmobile trail system. The Governor’s Snowmobile Council over-sees the SSTP budget. The following shows part of this past winter’s coverage. DMV reps reported that there were 21,460 registrations for this year( 2016/17) with this being an increase of 1500 over the previous season. With the increase of fees implemented by the State, the revenue for the budget of FY 18 is five hundred eighty three thousand fifteen ($ 583,015) dollars. The FY18 budget will be based on 20,500. Registrations’for the 2017-2018 season. A new safety education book will be printed this year. Each year there is an increase in the number of people taking the safety coarse online.