Construction Grant Application

Construction Grant Application

IMPORTANT! You must read and agree to the most recent Construction Grant Policy before proceeding: 

Download or view the Policy HERE


Application Instructions: 

1. Prepare all documentation in digital format (Jpg, PDF, Word, Etc). You will be required to upload Landowner Permission Forms, Landowner Bridge Agreements, and Permits as if needed for your project. 

2. Gather all information concerning the cost and materials for your construction project. You will be asked to provide what contractor services are needed, the hourly rate and estimated hours. You must also have information on all the materials needed such as culverts, gates, hardware, lumber type and size, cost, etc.

3. You have the option to save your progress and return if you get partway though the form and need to stop and gather more information. An email link will be sent to you to continue the form. 

4. Do NOT use dollar signs in fields where it asks for cost. Use numbers only.
Do NOT use decimals. Round to nearest whole number. 

5. You MUST know your CLUB ID. This is a 3 digit ID code. If you are unable to locate your ID please contact your club president or trailmaster. 

6. Make note of the intersection numbers on either side of your project and the Corridor Number. You will be required to provide this. 

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