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Online TMAs - New for the 2017 Season
Sep 06, 2016


TMAs will begin to be sold in late-October from your club the way you have always bought them. For the first time ever there will also be TMAs available online. There is a $5 increase for any full season TMA bought online (to cover the shipping and handling) and no increase for a Three-Day TMA. But, club dues will in most cases be higher than what you have paid in the past, so that all clubs will be receiving the same amount of money from members using the online service.


When you buy your TMA online, if you are a returning member, you will be asked to provide your name and zip code. Once it brings up your record, you can update all your information like a new address, phone number or sled info. It will assign you your club based on your latest membership (if you want to change clubs, you cannot buy online, you will need to go through your new club).

Once all that is done you just pick the TMA type: Full Season (Early Bird of Regular Season based upon your purchase date) or Three-Day TMA. You will then be moved to the payment page. For a full season TMA, after you pay, you will receive a conformation and temporary ten-day TMA to carry with you via email (with all your sled info on it to correspond with your identity and the registered snowmobile) until your official TMA sticker arrives in the mail.

If you buy a Three-Day TMA you will be asked to select the three days you will ride and a printed conformation for you to carry on your sled will be sent via email (with all your sled info on it to correspond with your identity and the registered snowmobile).

FEES FOR ONLINE TMAs OFFERED                   TMA COST      CLUB DUES      VAST for S&H

Early Bird TMA (Registered in VT)                              $100                       $30                         $5

Early Bird TMA (Not Registered in VT)                       $130                       $30                         $5

Regular Season TMA (Registered in VT)                    $140                       $30                         $5

Regular Season TMA (Not Registered in VT)             $180                       $30                         $5

Three Day TMA                                                              $55                        $20                         $0

All other TMAs need to be bought the same as in the past: Family TMAs through clubs directly and all other types from the VAST office (Military, Commercial, Antique, Dealer). Volunteer TMAs also will come directly from clubs.

Clubs that have already signed up with VAST to have automatic deposits through an ACH account will receive payment twice monthly, with a report of who has returned as a member or is a new member for their club dues. They will also get an automatic email when a deposit is made. Those clubs that have not signed up for an ACH account with VAST will get a check monthly in the mail with a report of returning or new members listed for their club dues. County dues will then be paid from the club to county in counties that require that. If your club would like to sign-up to get automatic payments CLICK HERE.