4 | Snowmobile VERMONT 4 | Snowmobile VERMONT A message from VAST President Tim Mills Summer has officially come and gone. “Elvis” has left the building, if you don’t mind the metaphor. I know for my family and myself, it was another summer to remember. Time was not wasted sitting on our haunches. Family celebrations were held for many different reasons along with having friends by just to barbeque and enjoy each other’s company. We have also shared in wonderful events with our VAST family this summer. The 50th Annual Meeting was one of those special events recognizing many dedicated members in our association family. The gardens have all been planted and harvested. The annual ritual of canning and freezing our bounties has already passed as well as apple picking season, which we enjoy very much as a family ritual. The temperatures are headed in the right direction with Halloween in just a few weeks. The leaves are turning, the temps are dropping and the fall to-do list that we thought we had plenty of time to complete... yeah, not so much now. Winter is just around the corner and there is no denying it. You can smell it in the air. You can see it everywhere you turn and you can feel it, especially if you happened to be on top of Mount Washington the other day. Winter is marching our way. I am not sure where the time seems to go but I always end up “behind the eight ball” this time of year. We all seem, at one time or another, to get wrapped up in this or that and almost always make commitments that we feel we can fulfill. I know I am not alone on this one. I don’t have to look around very hard to see someone else in the same boat. Even the writing of this article finds me testing the limits of the deadline, but you know we all find ourselves in these predicaments.There is a reason for this little-known phenomenon and there is no denying it, the evidence speaks for itself that we are all part of a very unique group of outdoor enthusiasts. We are snowmobilers and we are definitely a different group of people, to say the least. Being a snowmobiler comes with a great deal of symptoms. We have a need to be outside during the winter time riding or just being with our fellow snowmobilers attending events or working on club projects. We have a distinct ability to complete projects within timelines that are unheard of in the normal work place. We are known for our huge hearts and our giving spirit. We are always community-minded and donating to non-profits and always working to make our home towns a little homier. We host charitable events, spend countless hours working on trails and organizing club events. We are a group that enjoys seeing things accomplished and done correctly. We always have a never-ending list of commitments that we want to see fulfilled. There is no denying it, we are a group of givers which tends to make us jump at the opportunity to help and be a part of the solution and to just get things done. I’m not sure if there is a cure for this affliction that we have as a community of snowmobilers and, to be honest at this point in my life, I am not sure I want to be cured. Ride safely and smooth trails. – Tim Mills, VAST President VAST News CLUB AUDITS A new bylaw was passed by the membership at our 50th Annual Meeting. VAST will be holding random audits of clubs beginning in May of 2018. These audits will be conducted by an independent auditing firm. Steps on how this will take place, as well as the new bylaw, will be posted on the VAST website in November 2017. If you think your club needs help regarding making sure you are filing correctly with the State of Vermont or the federal government, please contact cindy@ vtvast.org for assistance as noted in the article below. REMINDER! CPA FINANCIAL HELP How is your club doing regarding following federal and state laws? Do you need help? Please reach out to VAST if your club needs assistance regarding filing regulations, nonprofit status, etc. VAST has retained a CPA firm located in the Montpelier area to help you. For help and additional information email Cindy Locke at cindy@vtvast.org. VAST 50TH ANNIVERSARY SWAG Did you miss your chance to get a 50th anniversary VAST t-shirt, mug or hat at Annual Meeting? Fear not! You can order online at vtvast.org.