42 | Snowmobile VERMONT WINDHAM COUNTY We have already gotten our trails de- brushed with Dad’s tractor and cutter bar and some spots with the brush hog. I went a couple of days with him and cut as much of the high branches and leaning trees as I could. We saw quite a bit of erosion in some areas. This will need to be repaired before the season. Dad was out doing some of that today. Dave Fucci is on top of our bridge project between the city watershed and the Gagnon properties. This is the project we have been trying to get done the past two years. Finally, it will get done. Good things take time they tell me. He is also doing erosion repair in that area and other spots. We want to thank those two guys for their endless help doing things that a lot of people don’t even realize need to be done in the off season. When there is three feet of snow and the trails are groomed smooth, they don’t see what is under the surface. We will also be doing more hand cutting where needed, as we pride ourselves in not having brush hitting the riders or the Tucker. We do the best that we can. We will also be getting the Tucker ready for the season. My goal is for the end of September, but it may be just a little later. It is just normal things like changing the filters, fluids, checking the bearings and wheels, greasing and just an overall inspection. We try to not have any issues in the winter grooming season, but if we do, we get right on it to repair it and get going again. I know I have said this before in previous years. Buy your Early Bird TMA. It saves you money and ensures that the trails will stay open because VAST will have the funds to keep going. If you really want to try and save money, volunteer with your local club, as VAST gives a few free memberships for the volunteers to every club. You might get one and the club will get your much-needed help. It is a win for you and a win for the club, plus you might like it and meet new people. I have been thinking that this is a really special year for VAST and its members. We have had 50 years of working towards the goal of having the best trails in the Northeast or anywhere for that matter! Also for having the foresight to know we need to do things right, get the proper landowner permissions, build a trail system that connects from the north to the south and the east to the west and strive to be the best at all aspects of our organization! Founding Fathers, we thank you! Ride Safely and Ride Right! Roy Arthur, Vice President & Trailmaster Shrewsburysnobirds.org Like us on Facebook   Jacksonville EZ Riders By the time this club news hits the press we will be well underway to getting the 2017/18 season jump started. The tasks at hand this time of year are plentiful and our core group of volunteers is hard at work making it all happen once again. Being a smaller club with a handful or regular volunteers, we can always use the helping hands of other members. Your input and involvement are welcome and needed and we encourage you to get involved and help make a difference. Once again this year we have some bridge maintenance to take care of. Three of our 65 bridges need some TLC and two major reroutes are upon us for the coming season. Several work parties will be scheduled to complete this task and lunch will be served for those that join in. This is always a perfect way to meet new friends, riding partners and take pride in your club and trails. Without the help of so many around the state, our 4,700 miles of the VAST trail system would not be possible. We are in the planning stage of several fun events for everyone to take part in and enjoy. SNOWFEST 2018 will once again be held in February. The exact date will be announced soon. We will be expanding our invited vendors this year and we look forward to having new Polaris and Ski-Doo snowmobiles available for demo rides. The demo rides were a huge success last year for those that attended and a great way to check out new equipment. Once again, new riding gear will be for available at discounted prices. You can ride in or drive in to our trail- side location for SNOWFEST at the Amos Brown House in Whitingham. The raffle will once again be filled with many great prizes that have been won by so many over the last few years. What a great way to spend the day with friends and family and your fellow riders. Team Southside once again will be pleasing the crowd on the practice snocross track with their winning team. Come join us for some great food, prizes and fun and also help us support a local charity. Our club ride dates will be posted as soon as the season starts. What a great way to spend the day with fellow club members while enjoying our trails. We also look forward to once again working with our neighboring clubs, Deerfield Valley Stump Jumpers, Woodford SnoBusters and the Guilford Pitstoppers. We find that being in contact with our neighboring clubs throughout the season is a great benefit to share information that helps all our club members. We wish everyone a great and safe season with plenty of snow cover for your enjoyment and memorable riding adventures. Please remember that without the gift of land use from all our giving landowners, none of this would be possible. So enjoy the 2017/18 season and we welcome all to join us for a fun-filled winter. Please remember your helping hands can make a huge difference not only for you, but for all. An EZ-Rider ezriders.org Like us on Facebook Wardsboro Pathfinders Sadly, our club president, Jesse Parsons, passed away on Aug. 29. Club News