Fall 2017 | 21 50th Annual Meeting PATIENCE I am giving this person the Patience Award this season because they have a great deal of patience, a very crucial element necessary to receive this award. They have been involved with the local club since I can remember. They have stepped aside and let others take the reins, but have always found themselves back involved holding an officers seat once again. They have maintained their patience even through issues with a new groomer and turnover within the club. They have stuck it out and maintained their composure through it all. This year’s Patience Award goes to Dan Courchaine of the Hardwick Snowflake Ridge Runners. TRAILMASTER OF THE YEAR This gentleman comes from a family where snowmobiling runs in his blood. His father has been active in the club for years, and his son is also now an officer and a very active one within their local club. They have all grown up working out on the trails. He has a very good understanding of the club’s trail system and is always looking to get the work done right and in a cost effective manner. He is great with the paperwork and always reaches out with questions to ensure he is doing a good job. We appreciate all that he does. This year’s Trailmaster of the Year goes to Gary Lamberton of the Buckaroos of 302 Snowmobile Club. COUNTY TRAIL COORDINATOR OF THE YEAR This gentleman stepped up to the plate to become the county’s trail coordinator a few years ago, but the time has gone quickly. He has a very good knowledge of VAST and snowmobiling, and although he is generally quiet, you always know he is listening. When he speaks, he typically has some good information to share. He has been an integral part of the Trail Policy Subcommittee, which helped to foster some much needed changes within the Trail Policy Manual. His input to this committee was invaluable. He is doing a great job, and I hope he plans to stick around for a while. This year’s County Trail Coordinator of the Year is Bob Farnham from Chittenden county. BEST SIGNED TRAILS This club has turned over a new leaf in the last few years thanks to some new officers and some passion for good trails. The club is constantly on an ambitious quest to improve their trails. They pick a major project each year, one of them being new intersection signs. Previously, the club had signage that was confusing and not up to VAST standards. With support from local businesses as sponsors, the club installed all new sign posts and intersection signs, improving their trail system significantly. This year’s Best Signed Trails Award goes to the Topsham Ridge Runners. BEST GROOMED TRAILS This club always does a top-notch job grooming their trail system. They have some seasoned operators who take the job very seriously, establishing a good base early in the season and pulling snow in from the sides of the trail to fill in water bars. Anyone who has ridden their trail system can truly appreciate what they do. They had many positive comments ,which is why they have won the award for Best Groomed Trails. This year’s Best Groomed Trails Award goes to the Chester Snowmobile Club.