2 | Snowmobile VERMONT VAST STAFF Executive Director Cindy Locke cindy@vtvast.org | Ext. 11 Trails Administrator Matt Tetreault matt@vtvast.org | Ext. 12 Media Manager Beth Godin beth@vtvast.org | Ext. 16 Finance and HR Manager Sheila Fenoff-Willett sheila@vtvast.org | Ext. 14 Trails Manager Ken Brown ken@vtvast.org | Ext. 18 Office and Programs Manager Cyndy Carrier Brown cyndy@vtvast.org | Ext. 10 VAST OFFICERS President Tim Mills 802-234-5000 timmills1@myfairpoint.net Vice President Jeff Fay 802-238-2037 jfayvast@comcast.net Treasurer Sonia Koehler Secretary Jim Hill 802-343-4478 jh_builders@hotmail.com What a great 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting! Thanks to the Lamoille county snowmobile clubs for putting such a great event together. Many thanks to all that helped and attended that day! If you missed it, you will be able to catch up in this Snowmobile Vermont magazine as many great photos and moments were captured. As we have done in past years, we held a pre-meeting to have open discussions about VAST, clubs and the needs of our members. I heard you loud and clear when we spoke about trail condition alerts, maps and information locations. Since all our clubs are different, we have some that have great IT and website volunteers that build and host their club pages, but we also have many clubs that Snowmobile Vermont Magazine 26 Vast Lane, Barre, Vermont 05641 T 802-229-0005 F 802-223-4316 info@vtvast.org | vtvast.org Snowmobile VT Magazine (ISSN 2374-5630 is published five times: Fall (October), Early Winter (December), Winter (January), Late Winter (March) and Summer (August) by The Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, Inc, 26 Vast Lane, Barre VT 05641. Periodicals postage paid at Barre, VT and additional mailing offices POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: VAST, 26 Vast Lane, Barre VT 05641-4477 VAST Direction MAGAZINE CONTRIBUTORS Patty Companik, Bill Glitz, Mike Mutascio, Ron Nanfito, Jeff Porter, William Thomas Sr. Snowmobile VERMONT VERMONT ASSOCIATION OF SNOW TRAVELERS By VAST Executive Director Cindy Locke don’t have that kind of help. So here at VAST we struggle with having consistent information. That being said, we have been working on some great trail update software that will continue to give our members the information they are looking for. The hard part is getting all the clubs to find a point-person that has the time and ability to log onto the VAST trails page and update their clubs. So, this coming winter we will be offering an inbound snowphone. This will be a dedicated phone line where clubs can call and leave a message with their trail updates and a VAST staff member will update the club’s VAST webpages two times per week. Check out the VAST News section for more information. You have a lot to be proud for the way your clubs are organized and the volunteer time you put into the trails in Vermont. We are out on the road this month to promote riding in Vermont and why our trails are second to none. If you see us at a trade show, please stop by and say hello. There are not too many more days left until the snow will fly again. Enjoy your fall. Fond regards, Amos Colby, Cindy Locke and Trevor Colby shared a hug and some smiles at the Lunenburg Old Home Day on Aug. 5. We were honored to have“Mother VAST”Mitzi Oakes join us at our 50th Annual Meeting! She had fun in our vintage photo booth and reading old issues of VAST News. She was delighted with a surprise visit at the meeting from her daughter, Debbie.