44 | Snowmobile VERMONT WINDSOR COUNTY Andover Mountaineer Snow Riders We just got back from the 50th VAST Annual Meeting. Thank you to Lamoille county for a great lunch, awesome setup and a well-run meeting. In the library of the school they had a Moto-Ski Capri and wow, was I transformed to being the size of my 5-year-old son that I brought with me! Grandfather had a Zephyr and Dad had a MX-18. Seeing that engine right in front of me today reminded me of how I used to put my hand right over Dad’s engine to keep warm. Dad would reach down now and again to adjust a screw or cable, mostly it seemed dependent on whether we were going up or down one of the many hills in Andover. What awesome times we had has a family, either just riding around the house or setting out for a day trip and maybe making it all the way to the farm house (about 4 miles), cooking out on Long Side Hill, then working our way back home. I remember one such time Mother lost her headlight, so she had to ride in the middle and be guided by the other sleds’ lights. Another time (not sure if I was with them or just remember hearing the story) Dad tried to go over one of the sand dunes in Mikkelsen’s pit and flipped the machine right over. He kicked it off him, ran after it, jumped on and away he went. I do remember one of the other kids putting the skis of one of the Arctic Cats right through a windshield of a car Father had for sale. That was the blizzard of ‘78, and we were riding on top of the cars out back of the garage. I long for my boy to carry on the same tradition of snowmobiling, the simple days of the only concern being to make it back before it was too dark, not the numbers on the odometer; the laughing, conversation, and meeting new people as you had snowball fights or a snack on the side of the trail. That first solo run, controlling a machine all by yourself and fixing it after a bump into a tree (which reminds me of a time my sister...) Congratulations to all of us VASTers for 50 years of keeping a Vermont tradition alive, and to 50 more years of sledding stories. The whole reason my family got into this was because Grandfather always wanted to slide UP the hill. Look how far we’ve come The Andover Mountaineer Snow Riders can be reached via Facebook, email at andoversnowridersvt@gmail or by phone at 802-875-2343. Nicholas Baker, President Like us on Facebook Cavendish Green Mountain Snow Fleas Our club was happy to take part in the Spaghetti Dinner in August to benefit Dennis Allen. It was wonderful to see the support he received from the snowmobile community! Our trail work this fall will be concentrated on a facelift for Hawks Mountain (Corridor 106). We will be replacing the two bridges and grading the trail on the mountain. The work weekends will be in late October and early November and will be posted on our website, Facebook page and in our newsletter. Congratulations to Dick Jewett, Dennis Lemire, and the Chester Snowmobile Club for their VAST awards. Windsor county was well represented! Karen Marini, Membership cavendishsnowfleas.com Like us on Facebook  Chester Snowmobile Club We are so very proud! On Saturday, Sept. 9, nine Chester Snowmobile Club members traveled to Hyde Park to attend VAST’s annual business meeting. Windsor county was well represented with one of the largest number of attendees. We always enjoy this opportunity to get together with others from the snowmobile community and VAST’s executive team. This year was very special as VAST is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Back to why are we so proud. It’s because the Chester Snowmobile Club and two of its members were honored with awards. VAST President Tim Mills presented Dick Jewett, our trailmaster, with the coveted Founder’s Award, which is given to a Trailblazer who exemplifies volunteerism and dedication to VAST. Cindy Locke presented Gerry Dockum with an Award of Excellence. Gerry is a member who may not be front and center for all to see but is always there to support the multiple clubs he is a member of. Like with all award shows, the best was saved for last. Matt Tetreault, VAST’s trails administrator, presented Chester Snowmobile Club with the Best Groomed Trails award. VAST Annual Meeting signifies the arrival of fall. This means we need to kick into high gear preparation for the upcoming riding season. Our first bit of great things to report is the news that we have purchased a new Tucker and can’t wait for it to get delivered. We are upgrading all our trail signs, which total over 80 signs to replace our current old and faded signs. These will be erected on new posts and will be in place before the snow flies. Lee Whiting, our vice president, has secured sponsorship from several local business to offset the cost. As always, there is much de-brushing to do, but luckily we have no trail reroutes needed this year. Our largest project is to replace a 65-foot bridge. Club News on the club’s email newsletter list, please send your request to wpsc@ wardsboropathfinders.com Melanie Tregoning, Vice President wardsboropathfinders.com Like us on Facebook