Fall 2017 | 45 Club News We also have several culverts that need to be replaced. The day after the VAST Annual Meeting, we held our first meeting of the season. First order of business was to elect our 2017/18 officers. Again this year, our board of directors are President Stan Choiniere; Vice President Lee Whiting; Treasurer Don Strohmeyer; Secretary Joan Choiniere; Trailmaster Dick Jewett and Membership Chair Bob Menthe. We also established our schedule of events for the season. Details can be found on our webpage. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for constant updates, work dates and details for all our events as we keep adding more opportunities for fun. To access our website, go to VTVAST.org, click on clubs in the top menu bar, you can then filter by county (choose Windsor), type Chester and click “search” or scroll down the clubs on the left to find Chester Snowmobile Club. Just a reminder, our snowphone number is 802-875-6550 and is continuously updated by Dick Jewett. Joan Choiniere, Secretary Like us on Facebook Little Ascutney Snowmobile Club As our club gears up for another season, We are getting ready to start de-brushing and trail mowing. We have no reroutes to complete for the first time in many years. However, we do have damage done by a jeep early this spring which occurred on our newly completed reroute on Corridor 106 that will need to be fixed. Our club is thanking the returning officers back for another tenure. Dennis Allen is again our president, treasurer and membership chair; Shawn Delaney as vice president; Mike Coleman as secretary; Wayne Giese as Trail Committee chair and Dan Hadwen as an honorary member, Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers Hang in there, the season is getting closer! We are anticipating the upcoming season also. We’ve set the date for our safety course and for our holiday meeting to Dec. 9. Get your kids trained just before the season starts. The course is free and even includes a pizza lunch. You need to register for the safety course, so go to Facebook or to our website to get the registration info. Info is also on the VAST website. An email will go out about the holiday meeting as we get closer. Thank you to those who attended the Dennis Allen Fundraiser dinner on Aug. 26 organized by the Little Ascutney Snowmobile Club. Clubs from all around attended the event and it was great to see everyone coming together to help. The turnout was quite impressive! Trail maintenance season has started. Besides the usual de-brushing, clean up, signage and getting the groomer ready, we also need to rebuild six bridges on Okemo. This includes totally removing the old bridges and then hauling in new materials to make new ones. By the time this article goes out we will hopefully have the bridge rebuilds completed or at least under control. If you recall, the East Lake Road access trail was closed last year. At this moment, it remains closed as the trail reroute has been taken offline since the proposed new trail would be too dangerous and steep. There is still a glimmer of hope that we can get permission from the owners to ride the original trail again. This trail closure certainly emphasizes the importance of landowners. Never take a trail for granted! Always show the utmost respect for the land you ride on and for the people who give you permission to do so. There is also a minor trail reroute off of Corridor 100 near the Ludlow recycling center. A new house is being built there so we just need to go around it. The new owners are generously permitting us to keep the trail on their property. We have given VAST the official GPS coordinates of the Corridor 103 feeder trail so it will be reflected more accurately on the interactive VAST map and it will be on the printed map this year. The map gets printed every two years. If you are interested in being part of the team that makes each snowmobiling season come to life, call our trailmaster, Randy Ellison, at 802-228-7266. Also, you can check our website to see if we organize any official cleanup days that are still to be determined. As always, thank you to landowners, businesses and members for sticking with us and for supporting the club. Without you, we would not have anything. Enjoy autumn! Tina Berge, Public Information Officer sidehillcronchers.com Like us on Facebook groomer operator and mechanic. Dan Hadwen is an officer in the Hawk’s Mountain club and we can’t thank him enough for his efforts of helping us out. Our memberships will be available at the Reading Greenhouse in Reading and I will have some at 3385 Tyson Rd. We are currently looking at adding a Bombi to our grooming fleet to compliment the diesel Mule and the ATV with tracks. We don’t have a VAST contract as we have 13 miles of secondary trails in Reading and 7 miles of secondary trail that we groom for the Snow Fleas in Cavendish. All the grooming is paid for by the Windsor county club. Like us on Facebook to find trail work days as we also maintain 10 miles of corridor trails. We are looking forward to a great winter. Dennis Allen, President Like us on Facebook