All TMAs Sold Online
Oct 12, 2020

Three years ago, VAST successfully started an online TMA sales platform. For a variety of reasons, the VAST Board of Directors has now decided to sell all TMAs online moving forward. Changes you will see as a VAST member, depending on your current club, include a possible slight increase in your club dues because moving online means that each club will now receive the same amount of club dues statewide. This will put more needed funds in the hands of the clubs and create level funding across the board for clubs to continue to support and grow snowmobiling in Vermont.

Please watch these videos about the new online system


Reasons for Online Only Sales

• To put more revenue in the hands of clubs for grooming, trail maintenance, equipment needs.

• To have real time revenue forecasting at VAST, so we know in advance how much we can spend on grooming and grants to clubs.

• To streamline the sales process and tighten up the system to avoid incomplete or wrong information.

• To ensure that all TMAs are signed by the buyer and that buyers have read or had someone read to them the contractual language so that we can avoid costly and unwanted litigation based on claims of “nobody told me.”

• To save volunteer, vendor and staff time.

• To be able to get membership information into the VAST database immediately so members get updated information. Right now, we often do not have all TMAs sold in the winter loaded into our database until mid-summer, which means some members, especially new ones, are not receiving any information from VAST (magazine, e-news, etc.). Also, that means clubs cannot get their member contact information until we load it in our database, unless they had also created a database on their end.


How To Buy Your 2020/21 Vermont TMA

• Last year members will receive a letter containing a membership ID card to use when buying a TMA online. A member ID is not required to complete your purchase, but it makes the process easier by prefilling some of your information.

• Clubs will also be sent a list of their members from last year with their member ID numbers in case you lose your card. Some ideas: make a copy of your card or take a photo of it to keep on your computer or in your smartphone.

• When you log in to purchase your TMA and use your membership number, your information will automatically populate, and you can update it as needed. This will update your record attached to that VAST ID and will apply to ALL TMAs purchased under that ID. If you have TMAs registered to different family members, you have to use each person's ID separately. 

• If you have more than one snowmobile, it will ask you which one you are buying the TMA for.

• If you buy two, it will recognize automatically that your third one is at the family rate. In order for the system to confirm your previous purchases for the family rate, you must use your membership ID to connect your form to our database and COMPLETE the transaction for your first two sleds. Family rate is ONLY for sleds registered to the same address with your state DMV/ORV. We check these and your purchase will be refunded if the addresses do not match on all your sleds! Temporary TMAs are held 24 hrs on family rate TMAs so we can verify your eligibility. Unfortunately, we have to do this because too many people have been trying to cheat the system and buy TMAs for people not living at the same address. 

• It will also automatically populate your club from last season and ask you to verify that this club is the one you want to continue with, or you can choose a different club.

• You will need to upload a photo of your registration during the process, so prepare by taking a photo of this in advance that you can upload or scan.

• You can use a credit card, debit card, prepaid card or check service to pay for your purchase.

• Some clubs will still be selling through vendors or their own club using their own computers or tablets. Check with your club for these options if you do not have your own computer, tablet, or smartphone.

• You can still donate even more to your club, join additional clubs, or donate to the Vermont Snow Trails Conservancy or Lamoille Valley Rail Trail when you buy your TMA online this year.

• VAST clubs will all get reports and payments multiple times per month, so there will be a flow of funds to them.

• Volunteer TMAs still exist, and a system is being set up for clubs to use to get those online too. Again, this will begin in October. If you have questions, you can reach out to VAST or your own club or county leadership. Buy Online at