2017/18 Snow Traveler’s Guide to Vermont | 7 how to read trail signs Corridor Trail Number This number identifies the trail that you are on and corresponds with the VAST Trail Map. In this picture, you are on trails 5 and 25 where they run together before going in separate directions. Intersection Number This number corresponds with the VAST map and lets you know what intersection you are at. The letters are the first and last of the county that you are in (Orange County in this example) and the number is unique to that intersection. Next Intersection Number This is the next intersection that you will encounter if you head down this trail. Services These represent the services that are in this direction. Arrow The arrow tells you which direction to follow and corresponds with the information on the sign. Club Logo This is the logo of the club who maintains the trail that you are on. Trail Direction This tells you what general direction the trail heads: North, East, South, or West. Town or Destination This identifies the next town or destination point that you will come to on the trail in this direction. Trail Signs VTVAST.ORG Download our VAST Trails Smartphone App! ORDER YOUR VAST TRAIL MAP TODAY! $5 Each