20 | Vermont Association of Snow Travelers Brookfield Trail Blazers 1513 Stone Rd., Brookfield, VT 05036 802-505-8231 facebook.com/Brookfield-Trail-Blaz- ers-185799538113108 Corinth Sno-Scramblers 1431 Chelsea Rd., Bradford, VT 05033 802-439-3550 snoscramblers.org Frigid Frost Fighters PO Box 220, Chelsea, VT 05038 802-685-4432 facebook.com/Frigid-Frost-Fight- ers-174631319406073/ Orange County County Director Ron Garvin Clubs - Orange County Orange county is a wonderful place to snowmobile! “Over the mountain and through the dell” is a great way to describe the 524 miles of snowmobile trails in Orange county. Our trails extend west from the Connecticut River Valley to the bumps of the Green Mountains. VAST Corridor 5 and 14 are the main snowmobile arteries that run north-south through Orange county and Corridor 25, Corridor 110 and Corridor 66 are the main east- west arteries. In addition, there are many side trails and loops that can be interesting short or day-long trips. Orange county is conveniently located on Interstate I-91 with Lake Morey and a snowmobile trailer parking area at exit 15 and another snowmobile trailer parking area at exit 16 in the town of Bradford. Interstate I-89 is convenient to the quaint towns of Sharon, Brookfield, East Randolph and Randolph. There are numerous fuel stops and restaurants to choose from. The towns in Orange county offer a diverse view of Vermont. From Thetford in the south to Williamstown in the north and Braintree in the west to Newbury in the east, the 14 towns of Orange county provide a wide choice of snowmobile destinations. Billtown Moonshiners PO Box 451, Williamstown, VT 05679 802-249-8443 (Charles Gray photo)