2 | Vermont Association of Snow Travelers Since 1967, Vermont has been opening the doors to winter’s wonders with a remarkable trail system totaling over 4,700 miles. With today’s modern comfortable sleds, it’s easier than ever to experience the thrill of riding along mountain trails., rolling farmland and into quintessential New England villages. You can take 200-mile day trips or multi-day tours, or join group ride-ins full of country flavor. Vermont makes it easy to go snowmobiling. We set the standard for well-marked trails, readable maps, easy access to fuel stops, food and accommodations. Our many convenient trailheads mean snowmobilers can hook up to trails anywhere in the state. All it takes to snowmobile is a trail pass and a valid state registration and insurance. Or simply take a guided tour from one of Vermont’s many snowmobile tour operators. You’ll find the best groomed trails in the Northeast here. The Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST), together with local clubs and thousands of volunteers maintain Vermont’s trail network with over 120 groomers to assure smooth riding. And when you hit the trail, you’ll find that VAST’s 127 community-based clubs hold friendly events every weekend all winter long, from pancake breakfasts and chicken barbecues to spaghetti dinners, charity rides, radar runs and snocross races. Come and Experience the Magic of our Winter Highways VAST OFFICERS President Tim Mills 802-234-5000 timmills1@myfairpoint.net Vice President Jeff Fay 802-238-2037 jfayvast@comcast.net Treasurer Sonia Koehler Secretary Jim Hill 802-343-4478 jh_builders@hotmail.com Vermont Association of Snow Travelers 26 Vast Lane, Barre, Vermont 05641 T 802-229-0005 F 802-223-4316 info@vtvast.org | vtvast.org VERMONT ASSOCIATION OF SNOW TRAVELERS, INC. VAST STAFF Executive Director Cindy Locke cindy@vtvast.org | Ext. 11 Trails Administrator Matt Tetreault matt@vtvast.org | Ext. 12 Media Manager Beth Godin beth@vtvast.org | Ext. 16 Finance and HR Manager Sheila Fenoff-Willett sheila@vtvast.org | Ext. 14 Office and Programs Manager Cyndy Carrier Jones cyndy@vtvast.org | Ext. 10 (Roger Gosselin photo)