2017/18 Snow Traveler’s Guide to Vermont | 11 Clubs - Addison County Addison County Bridport Sno-Birds 6587 VT Route 125, Bridport, VT 05734 802-758-2616 Our county has a wide variety of trails in our system. We have 234 miles of trails from big open fields to trails climbing up the Green Mountains. On top of the Green Mountains we have nice wide trails on the National Forest road system. You may also see many animals and birds, from hawks, turkeys, owls, and even an eagle in the lowlands. Moose, deer, mink and even a rare bobcat might be sighted by snowmobilers in the highlands. Beautiful views into the Champlain Valley are abundant through the trails in Middlebury, Bristol and Starksboro where you will see scenes of Lake Champlain. Route 7A will take you up to Silver Lake where they have grills at the State Park. It’s a perfect location for a family trailside cookout. Foote of the Mtn. Sno-Travelers PO Box 157, Shelburne, VT 05482 802-877-3942 facebook.com/ footeofthemountainsnotravelersclub Mt. Abe Snowsports 863 Hardscrabble Rd., Bristol, VT 05443 802-316-6106 Otter Creek Sliders 547 Jersey St., Addison, VT 05491 802-349-2525 Shellhouse Nostalgic Mtn. Jumpers 1184 Shellhouse Mtn. Rd., Ferrisburgh, VT 05456 802-877-3868 Weybridge Trail Blazers 1134 Route 7, Salisbury, VT 05769 802-352-9866 County Director Lewis Barnes (Mike Paquette photo)