26 | Vermont Association of Snow Travelers Washington County County Director Curt Marechaux Located in the heart of Vermont, Washington county offers some of the most diverse riding in the state. From the steep pitches and ridges of the Green Mountain spine in the west, to the open farm fields and traditional sugar woods in the central part of the county, to the big woods feel of the northern and eastern sections, a rider can find any type of riding they desire in Washington county. Located at the center of it all are the twin cities of Barre and Montpelier. Served by exits 6, 7 and 8 on Interstate 89, the area is home to numerous trails that provide easy access to hotels, restaurants, gas and repair services, making it an ideal base to explore Washington county and the rest of Vermont. Riding east from the hotels in Berlin on Corridor 12/14, as you first pass VAST headquarters, make sure to wave!! Continuing east, you experience a pleasant trail that traverses fields and forests, providing distant views of the Knox Mountains that form the northeast border of Washington county’s territory. You also get a glimpse of the granite quarries that made the area famous in the early part of the 20th century. If you choose to, you can get a much closer look at what was once the largest quarry in world by turning onto Corridor 25A, which runs along the top of the now abandoned site. The western part of Washington county is bounded by the spine of the Green Mountains. Known as the “Crossroads of Vermont,” the Waterbury area is where Corridor 2 and Corridor 100 intersect, allowing access to fantastic high country riding and all the amenities offered by world-class resorts. Located north of Waterbury, the Little River State Park offers an opportunity to explore the area on a network of forest roads that served a farming settlement which existed in the area early in the 19th century. Riding south on Corridor 100 brings you first to Camel’s Hump State Park, home to Vermont’s third highest and most distinctive looking peak. Dropping out of the park, you enter into the scenic Mad River Valley. Clubs - Washington County (Steve Leffler photo)