2017/18 Snow Traveler’s Guide to Vermont | 5 fellow riders the experience you just had on the last leg of your journey. Some of the excitement I can think of throughout this year has been riding at night, stopping at junctions to meet and visit with other snowmobilers, connecting with others for future rides, supporting a fundraiser, and traveling through the woods having deer, fox and coyotes cross your path. These, along with just being outside on a Vermont winter day and being able to take in the beauty A New Member’s Experience “Little did I know that the VAST TMA sticker was the key to accessing a remarkable Winter Wonderland.” and just enjoy the serenity of the great outdoors, made my purchase worthwhile. One of my best experiences this year was participating in the 17th Annual Travis Mercy Skate Park Fundraiser. I have to tell you it was well worth the adventure riding with a group as we completed a 60-mile trip. The poker run stopped at five locations along the way, supporting various general stores that rely on snowmobile traffic before arriving at Barre Town School. Awaiting there for us were other friends and family of the skate park, a silent auction and barbecue meal. There was no better way for me to spend my Saturday than supporting my club and the Mercy family at this annual event. The VAST trail system and beauty of Vermont as seen from a snowmobile is well worth experiencing. Although the weather dependent season isn’t as long as I would like and the initial expense was more than I anticipated, I would not change my decision for a moment and look forward to many more memories made on the trails. By Ken Hepburn The 2016/17 snowmobile riding season has been an experience that opened my eyes to a whole new perspective of the beautiful state of Vermont. After I purchased a couple of used snowmobiles, I reached out to former co-worker whom I knew was involved with the Barre Town Thunder Chickens snowmobile club. I knew he’d be able to guide me with the next steps so that I would be ready to hit the trails. Little did I know, that the VAST TMA sticker was the key to accessing a remarkable Winter Wonderland. First of all, let me speak to navigating around on the snowmobile itself. The trail system leads you out into areas and terrain that you don’t normally see while traveling in a vehicle. I enjoyed being part of the snowmobile community, being welcomed at stores along the way where we would stop for food and gas. These rest stops were always a good chance to discuss with