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We’d like to thank those who purchased our tickets, making it a very successful fundraiser! Our first place winner, Chris Felion, won a Browning AB3 Scope Combo; second place winner, John Murphy, won a Garmin Extrex 10 GPS; and third place winner, Kim Rawson, won a $50 gift certificate to J&H Hardware out of Bellows Falls. Congratulations to the winners! Our club has been busy with various work bees in order to have trails in top condition for both riders and groomers once the snow starts flying. The most recent efforts were those from various members brush hogging trails and working to rebuild a couple of our bridges. The bridges were widened and strengthened in order to allow us to use larger pieces of grooming equipment. There was a lot of effort put into it and the result looks pretty great! This is just the beginning of the work we have ahead of us this season, but it will all be worth it when we are able to get out and have some fun riding around in a winter wonderland! We also have various community activities planned for this fall and early winter. Keep your eyes open for our announcements on Facebook! We look forward to seeing you out on the trails this year! Steffanie Baker, Secretary Like us on Facebook The regular brush and downed tree removal can get underway and bridge inspection and repairs should be taken care of before snow flies. The Towns River and Trails Committee is now in full swing. The trails plan is to make trails in town multi-use, which will enable residents and visitors alike to enjoy the trails year-round. This will be no easy task as in the past there have been folks who have done what they want when and where they wished with no permission and no policing. That would have to change as it did when the snowmobile club became VAST organized and trails were policed regularly which curtailed most if not all of the unlawful riders. Year-round use would help in keeping trails clear and would allow for hikers, mouantain bikers, horseback riders, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and ATV travel. This is a work in progress, but it seems to have worked in other towns so we are hopeful it will work here. In the meantime we continue as a club to plan for what we hope will be a great season on the snow. Don Rosinski, President Like us on Facebook Cavendish Green Mountain Snow Fleas Karen and I were honored to receive the VAST Horizon Award at Annual Meeting. Thank you to the members of our club who nominated us. All that we have accomplished the last two years would not have been possible without the support we have received from our club members. We dedicate the award to all the volunteers who have come out and supported us. It’s time to get the trails ready for winter. We have three trail clearing and clean up dates scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 22, Nov. 12 and Nov. 26. Bring your work gloves and chainsaw and meet us at the Cook Shack at 9 a.m. Lunch will be provided by the club at 2 p.m. Joe Marini, President Like us on Facebook Chester Snowmobile Club For many of you thoughts of the upcoming snowmobile season may just be coming to mind but for some that is not the case. For example, what did you do over the Fourth of July, Independence Day weekend? For a dedicated group of a dozen volunteers our holiday included rebuilding a snowmobile bridge. We had an over 30-foot long bridge that had decayed, so we took it apart and burned it while we built the new one. As usual, Dick Jewett, our trailmaster, had pre-cut all the lumber and marked all the pieces to make the build easier. Volunteers ranged in ages from 72 to 13. Tyler Jewett, grandson to Dick Jewett, joined the build. His dad, Rob Jewett, took this as an opportunity to teach Tyler how to properly screw the planks in place. When asked if he was enjoying his first bridge build, he said, “It was much better than spending the day at the parade.” Also in July, Chester celebrated their 250th anniversary. Due to last season’s brown winter all of our events were canceled so we took this as an opportunity to hold one. Lee Whiting worked with the Chester 250 Committee and coordinated our involvement for the celebration weekend. We hosted a pig out featuring pulled pork and roast chicken, complete with homemade baked beans, corn bread and coleslaw. There was also a huge variety of baked goodies. In conjunction with all these great eats, we had a vintage motorsports show. On display were snowmobiles, motorcycles, a vintage fire truck, vintage chainsaws and as always, our Tucker was there. The event concluded with a fabulous fireworks display. Many folks stopped by to purchase a piece of pie or other treat to enjoy during the show. Thanks to all our members who helped make this a success with a special thanks to Scott Bonneville who donated his smoker and time that day. In August, a contingency of more than