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If you have an opportunity to volunteer for a work party to help your club, please do so. It is rewarding to see the trails brushed and projects completed, as you ride through the corridors during the riding season, knowing how much work was involved to make it possible. Our club is in the process of preparing our equipment for fall work and replenishing signs needed for riding along VAST Corridor 114 between West Burke and Brighton. Please contact your local club officers or check the club’s web page to see how and when you can volunteer your time. See you at a club work party and think snow! Kyle Lazzaro, Vice President Sno-Flake Ridge Runners We’re still here! We’ve been quiet but active this summer. We have gotten a few bridges fixed and are planning a reroute in Greensboro. We are very thankful for all of the cooperative landowners. This new route is going to be a beauty! The club is ready to bring some new things to the table this season. Good plans, good people, now all we need is a good winter! Randi Hall, Secretary Like us on Facebook Iroquois Snow Beavers The leaves are changing and the nights are getting cooler; indicators that we need to start work to ensure our trails are open this year. It’s difficult to motivate when we rebuilt four bridges, brushed miles of trail, brush-hogged corridors and put out hundreds of signs, only to pack them back in without riding between a single Snow Beaver sign. But if history is any indication, a good year typically follows a bad one. We want to be ready! The Snow Beavers met with the Hinesburg Development Review Board on Sept. 6 and received approval for building a new bridge over the Patrick Brook near the intersection of CN5. A zoning permit will be filed during the 30-day appeal period. Construction for the bridge can occur mid-October. We are hoping to get materials to the location while it’s dry. This was a large project. Many thanks to Brian Cote at Milone and MacBroom for their assistance with the floodplain management permitting requirements and with providing us a model that indicated our bridge would have no impact on upstream inundation. We will also be working on a new route between CN1 and CN5 out to the Guillemette Farm, offering an alternative way around development at Frogs End. Thanks to the Ketchums, Guillemettes and Garveys for allowing us access through what will be a great new loop in Chittenden county! A small bridge will be constructed between the old LaFrenier property and Garvey’s. We expect to begin work on this soon. Brush hogging is underway. Brushing will begin once our special use permits are renewed, typically mid to late fall. Stay tuned for information regarding our annual season kickoff party in the beginning of December at the Hinesburgh Public House with great raffle items, food specials and sweet swag! Pray for snow! Erik Engstrom, President Like us on Facebook Saxon Hill Riders The Saxon Hill Riders are preparing for what we hope is a better year than last year. The groomer is in good shape as we did a rebuild on some of the systems last year and we should have minimal work to get it ready for this season. Given the lack of precipitation this last year, we don’t believe we have any major trail work to do related to wash outs, which is a change from the norm. We will have a better idea when everyone reports in and starts reviewing the trails in more detail. Our club, as usual, will be meeting the second Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Essex Grange Hall, next to Frank’s Motorcycles on Route 15. Those meetings start in September and go to April. Please stop in and volunteer some time to help make our trails exceptional. Many hands make light work. Be legal, be safe and have fun! Ray Chamberland, Secretary Brighton Snowmobile Club It may be fall, but planning and work has been going on all summer, especially by Trailmaster David Page. He was the well-deserving recipient of the VAST County Trail Coordinator of the Year for 2016. Dave spends countless hours at meetings, writing grants, planning projects and attending shows that promote snowmobiling for