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A big thank you goes out to Pat Reed and Bennett Stone for not only transporting the sign, but also building a new one, which should last at least another 10 years. You will soon be hearing from your fellow members selling tickets for our $20 raffle and dinner raffle to be held in December. These are major fundraisers for the club. We ask that you support them any way you can. I would like to ask all of the trail trustees to please walk your trails to make sure there are no problems. If you do find problems, get in touch with Tim Stone so he can add them to his list of things that need to be done before the snow arrives. The groomer should be all ready to go as we serviced it last year and it moved very little after that was done. A few Sno-Bees attended the VAST Annual Meeting and report very few changes: mostly to the bylaws. The budget was passed as written and the same slate of officers was elected. Please keep in mind that our club is comprised of 100% volunteer help and there are never enough volunteers. If you would like to help out, please reach out to any of the officers which are listed on our website. You could also attend a monthly meeting which are held on the second Wednesday of the month from September to May. Hopefully Mother Nature will bless us with the snow that we need to make the trails smooth and enjoyable. Mike Perrigo, President Like us on Facebook Corinth Sno-Scramblers Hello and happy fall to all of our fellow snowmobilers! Summer has been rather quiet for the Sno- Scramblers, as many of our club members are wrapped up in off- season activities. However, some of our club members are chomping at the bit. Rumor has it that a couple of our members have already serviced their sleds and they are ready to roll in case of an early snow season. We can only hope they’ve been keeping up with their snow dances as well. We are looking forward to a great winter season this year. After a preliminary check of our trails, we found that many of them will need a good amount of work, even after no use last year. Some items we need to check off our to-do list are washout repairs and an extensive amount of debrushing. Our grooming masters, the Osgoods, have already serviced the Tucker and it is ready to roll out smooth, white gold trails when the snow flies. In other exciting news, we are happy to announce that you will have the ability this year to purchase TMAs online. Of course, you can still get them the old-fashioned way by filling out a TMA form (see our website and Facebook pages) and sending it in to our treasurer. We plan on sending out letters and emails to all members in late October to kick off the season. As a reminder, we can be found on Facebook as Corinth Sno-Scramblers, as well as online at our website, www. Hopefully by the time this article makes its way to your mailbox, the temperatures will have started to drop and the leaves have begun to fall. We are all hoping for a benchmark season to make up for last season. Think snow, dance for snow and pray for snow. We will take all the snow that we can get this season! Kim Davis, Webmaster Like us on Facebook Route 100 Snow Travelers The Tunnel Brook trail to Hancock has been rerouted and will be open for riding this season after five years of planning, preparation and work. You can read more about it and see photos on page 11 in this issue of Snowmobile Vermont magazine. Our club is raffling off a two-night stay at one of the Lake View Cottages at Willoughvale Inn and Cottages on Lake Willoughby. Drawing is to be held Nov. 5. If you would like a ticket, please contact us. You do not have to be present to win and it is a great prize. Kelly Bowen, Treasurer Like us on Facebook Worcester Rangers Wearing shorts and light clothes, the Worcester Rangers held their annual meeting in early September. The club reviewed their five priority travel improvement projects for the coming fall. These projects each require an excavator that will be entirely funded from proceeds of the club’s very successful Fourth of July Rangers Raffle. As in the past, the Rangers agreed to give each landowner a three-pound block of Cabot cheese. Following a report on VAST’s Annual Meeting, some concern was expressed regarding the implementation of on- line registration. Due to alphabetical anomalies, the Worcester Rangers are listed last on VAST’s website of 128 clubs. With more members becoming involved in Vermont’s friendliest snowmobile club, several members have accepted positions of responsibility! Elected at the club’s annual meeting were: Jim Shover,