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Keeping up with this much information is an ambitious task. I’m always impressed at how well they coordinate with others and get things done at so many levels. It is these people who are behind the scenes that keep everything looking so great from the outside and unfortunately aren’t recognized as much as they should be. It is time to recognize the great amount of ambition put forth by this year’s recipient of the Ambition Award, Heide Fox of the Highledge Snow Stormers. Dedication This gentleman has been the president of his local club for more than 30 years. He was the county trails coordinator for 12 years. He has since retired from that role and has been replaced by someone equally as qualified and pleasant to work with, I might add. At age 86, he still goes out signing and still manages the club’s trail projects. Clearly he has dedicated a huge portion of his life to VAST and snowmobiling. In talking with others in the county, we discovered that he has received little recognition for it. I felt it was fitting he finally received at least a little something for his years spent out in the field doing what he does best. I wanted to come up with a clever saying or a one-liner like he always came up with when I spoke with him on the phone or met him to inspect a project, but I just couldn’t think of one. Without further ado, please give Merle Young Sr. from Orleans County a round of applause. Appreciation This person has been involved in snowmobiling and VAST since I started working here. Rumor has it that they have held almost every role within their club and have also been very instrumental within their county where they have held office for a number of years. They have been my primary contact for the club since I have worked here and have been a great asset to not only their local club, but the county and to VAST as well. She is now officially retiring from the club and the county and will be moving to warmer places where no snowmobile is necessary. Everything she has done has been greatly appreciated and I felt she should be recognized for her over 20 years commitment to Addison county. The recipient of this year’s Appreciation Award is Tina Deering of the Bridport Sno Birds. Effort This year’s Effort Award will be given to a couple of individuals from a very up-and-coming club. As is the case, this award should probably go to a few other individuals within the club and possibly the entire club, but I have been working directly with these two individuals and realize what a difference they have made since they became involved. They have turned the club around and have gotten the club on Facebook and other social media sites. They are reaching out to landowners and working with them closely in an effort to provide deferred maintenance along the trail system. They are up-front and honest to their landowners and just overall are really stand-up people. I have seen this club transform into a very proactive club in just over a year as a result of the efforts put forth by these two people along with the efforts of others in the club I don’t know as well. I believe the club is hosting a landowner appreciation cookout today and could not attend this meeting. Nonetheless, please give a round of applause for Matt Powers and Bunnie Caruso from the Topsham Ridge Runners. Enthusiasm I’ve worked with this person a great deal over the years. I have no idea how long he has been involved in VAST but it has been at least the 14 years I have been involved. He was willing to step in and take things over when the club was undergoing transition. He continues to stay involved and keep the club going and is certainly not afraid to step in again and again to show his enthusiasm for the club and snowmobiling as a whole. He grooms for the club, coordinates grooming even when he is not in the drivers seat, works closely with landowners throughout the club’s area and manages the club’s trail projects. He can always be counted on to help out with any situation when it is needed, even if it involves rescuing a neighboring clubs groomer out of a waterhole in the middle of the night. His enthusiasm is greatly appreciated! Please give Marvin Whitcomb from the Gihon Trak Packers a round of applause.