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Mike Mutascio, Secretary Like us on Facebook Franklin County Snow Raiders The Franklin County Snow Raiders held their first meeting of the year on Sept. 6 with a whopping total of eight members. Hopefully, interest will pick up as the season progresses. It was a sad showing considering that the club has approximately 200 members. With the change in leadership of the club, the meeting was a general gathering of the few members present. The biggest challenge is filling the vacant trailmaster and grooming coordinator positions so that necessary paperwork and communication with VAST is done to meet deadlines for paperwork and grooming contracts. I am going to be stepping down from my position as treasurer and TMA coordinator as of the January meeting and will be training the new person. A little discussion took place about trails and there doesn’t appear to be any issues regarding our system. Let’s hope the snow situation is 100 percent better this winter than last. I know our club lost membership dues as people were skeptical of buying TMAs without snow. Sales may be low until people actually see snow on the ground. Ken Stockwell, Treasurer Like us of Facebook Smugglers Notch Snowmobile Club Fall has arrived here in Vermont. Before we know it, we will be into the holidays and hopefully the ground will be white in color, something that practically didn’t happen last winter. Here at the Smugglers Notch Snowmobile Club (SNSC) we, along with every other winter enthusiast, are really hoping for Mother Nature to prevail this upcoming season as we have some serious miles to make up on our sleds from last year. Even though last winter was less than impressive, the workload here at SNSC has been hectic with lots of various projects getting worked on throughout this past summer. The biggest project we have going is to get the old rail bed opened up from Jeffersonville village north into Franklin county. Last winter we were given the blessing from VAST to cut the brush back on the old rail bed so it could be opened up for snowmobile traffic. SNSC will be responsible from LE32 all the way up to the Lost Nation Road crossing, which is about six miles. From there, two Franklin county clubs will take care of the rest all the way up to the existing LVRT in Sheldon. SNSC members Terry Carpenter and Mike Spaulding have spent countless hours throughout the summer on our section of rail bed brush hogging and cutting down fallen trees. Once we get all of the brush cutting done, this will make for a great new trail connecting Lamoille and Franklin counties. We thought the old trussel bridge in Cambridge Junction on the LVRT was going to be replaced this summer or fall, but that was postponed until next construction year. As a result, we will be once again using the Cambridge Junction covered bridge to access our 108 N Corridor trail and the new “old rail bed” trail as well as Franklin county 104 Corridor trail. Mother Nature has taken it pretty easy on us this past summer as far as erosion goes. We have a few spots that will need some attention this summer but nothing too extreme. Hopefully I just didn’t jinx us since there is still plenty of time for heavy liquid precipitation. Every year we seem to have to tend to one of the many bridges we have along our 56 miles of trails. To keep that tradition in check, we have at least one bridge on our 15 West trail that is in pretty sad shape. This bridge, which is located on the Boyden farm property in Cambridge, will get a facelift this fall with some new decking and runners. We also have a bridge in Belvidere on our 109 North trail that will need a little TLC before snow flies. As always, the SNSC is looking for new members to help with the many projects and tasks we have throughout the year. Anyone interested in helping can contact us through our email at smugglersnotchsnowmobileclub@ Jason L., President Like us on Facebook Stowe Snowmobile Club Summer is coming to an end and the cooler fall nights are creeping up on us. Soon there will be a blanket of white snow covering the ground. I am super excited, but before we can get to playing we have to work. One of the many things that the Stowe Snowmobile Club does is work the annual Stowe Antique Car Show held every year in August. It is not for the faint of heart. However, our club dives in and does what we need to do in order to raise money. Bet you can’t even guess what we do? Well, our fearless gang pick up and sort through trash. Yup, you heard me right: we pick trash. We set barrels throughout the field and go out with the ATVs and wagons to collect all the trash and bring back to LAMOILLE COUNTY