b'S afeTys afetYSafe Riders drive within the limits ofbe time- and life-savers. Leave planswho allow us to enjoy the trail on their their machine and their abilities. only with your family or friends.property. Remember, speed is not the measureLike those whole travel plans, of snowmobiling fun. You shouldalways let your family and friendsBEWARE OF DARKNESSalways ride at a speed in which youknow youre back or have arrived at can stop within your line of sight. Slowyour destination. No one likes needlessLow-light and darkness require special down and enjoy the scenery and thesearches. care. Slow down and watch for others. experience. Ease up on the throttleOvercast days require extra caution.especially when near other machines,Dont over drive your headlights. Ask people, trees, animals and otherTAKE CARE OF THE TRAIL yourself, Am I driving slow enough objects.Safe Riders snowmobile to enjoyto see an object in time to avoid a the outdoors. They treat it withcollision?TAKE A FRIEND respect. They wait for enough snowAt night on large openelds, cover to protect vegetation. They avoidestimating distances and direction Dont snowmobile alone. Not only isrunning over trees and shrubs. Theyof travel may become dicult. It snowmobiling more fun with familyappreciate, but dont disturb animalsis important to keep some point of and friends, its safer too! or other outdoor users. reference when riding at night.FILE A PLAN TAKE THE HONORABLE TRAIL NO ICE IS SAFE ICE!Airplane pilots and boatersleightStay safe and legal within the areasThe safest snowmobiling rule is never andoat plans, respectively, so thatthat you are permitted to ride or thoset heRe aReno L eGaLto cross lakes or rivers. Besides the others know where to look if theyrefor which youve obtained permission.VasttRaiLs cRossinGoverdue. Going o -trail and trespassing ondanger of plunging through the ice, you have far less traction for starting, private property can lead to trailbodies of wateR ! Snow plans describing yourclosures by the gracious landownersturning and stopping on ice than on machine and your planned route cansnow.no ice is safe ice 2016/17 Sno | 9 2020/21 Snow w TTrraavvelerelers Guide ts Guide to o VVerermonmontt| 7'