b'S afeTys afetYMany things make snowmobiling fun:AS A SAFE RIDER, YOU:Before each ride, follow the the breathtaking beauty of snow-Know your abilities and dont gopre-op check outlined in yourowners manual. lled woods,eld or mountain; thebeyond them.precision performance of a well-Follow the rules.designed machine; the satisfaction of Know your machines capabilities traversing the winter landscape withand dont push beyond them.friends and family. Yes, snowmobilersSAFE CROSSINGsavor the winter world, and that calls Know your riding area. Get aBe careful when crossing rd., s of any for extra responsibility. Training,map. Talk to the local folks. kind. Come to a complete stop and experience and awareness are all traits Learn more - reading manualsmake absolutely sure no trac is of the accomplished snowmobiler.and other materials fromapproaching from any direction. Then You are the Safe Riders! You makemanufacturers, administratorscross at a right angle to trac.snowmobiling safe! and snowmobile associations, or watch videos or computer ALCOHOL & SNOWMOBILINGprograms from these sources.DRESS APPROPRIATELYDO NOT MIX! Snowmobile clubs, state andWear layers of clothing, so that you Forget that myth that alcohol warmsprovincial associations o ercan add or remove a layer or two up a chilled person. It opens thecourses, information andto match changing conditions. A blood vessels and removes theactivities. Many members arewindproof outer layer is especially feeling of chill, but it does nothingcerti ed driving and/or safetyimportant, as are warm gloves or to increase body heat. Instead, it caninstructors. mitts, boots and a helmet.increase the risk of hypothermia, a Keep your machine in top shape. Make sure your helmet is safety-dangerous lowering of the bodyscerti ed, the right size and in good core temperature. With alcohol, you You have two good guidescondition. A visor is essential for clear may only feel warmer, while youravailable for snowmobilevision and wind protection and the body chills dangerously.Alcoholmaintenance: the owners manualchin strap should be snug.increases fatigue, fogs your abilitythat came with it and your dealer.Proper eye protection is necessary to to make good decisions, and slowsConsult both to make sure yourprevent injury from the sun andying your reaction time. Its part of amachine is kept in top form forobjects.formula for disaster. And dontdependable, enjoyable fun.forget - VERMONT HAS LAWS PROHIBITING THE OPERATION Your local club or association OF A SNOWMOBILE WHILEmay also conduct safety andTHINK AHEADUNDER THE INFLUENCE OFmaintenance programs. Remember, its you, the Safe Rider, ALCOHOL. that makes snowmobiling safe. Many problems will be avoided by using common sense. Minor problems can be overcome by carrying a useful tool kit, spare parts,ashlight,rst-aid kit, and a few survival items such as high energy food,re starting equipment and a compass.TAKE IT EASYTodays snowmobile is a mechanical marvel. It provides inspiring performance, reliability and pleasing aesthetics, combined with essential safety design and components.8 |Vermont Association of Snow Travelers6 |Vermont Association of Snow Travelers'