b'Club Newsby, it wont be long and we will be at itchanges will be posted once we haveNovember to freeze the ground first, again. cleared and finalized the trail.then topped off with a nice snow The Derry Sled Dogs, along with TheNew for this year, we are offering Earlywould be great. Weston Rod And Gun Club, held aBird TMAs to volunteers who assist usClear your schedule for Nov.8 and benefit for one of our own. Wendywith trail maintenance for at least 20join us at the Jacksonville Community Arace is club treasurer for both clubs.hours during the planned maintenanceCenter for Bingo night. Watch our She has been fighting cancer. Theperiod. The work hours must beFacebook and website for further benefit was held to help with medicalcompleted prior to Oct. 31 and underdetails as well as meeting dates and expenses. Erin Kehoe from Centerthe supervision of club officers. club information.Plate along with her volunteer staffHeres hoping Mother Nature startsBruce Binnix, Director worked tirelessly to give the 200 or sooff easy on us. We dont really needezridersvt.com people that attended a great meal. Weanother early season NoreasterLike us on Facebookhad a live band, and a silent auctionlike last fall. A nice cold snap in late with around 100 items to bid on. Thanks to Bruno, Mary Licata and Mike Doane for all their hard work. Thanks also to Drew Frasier and JonT H E R ESN O Foster for their parking expertise and much more. Thanks to Nick Doane, Rod And Gun club president, RandiB E T T E RT I M E Doane and David Johnson for all their help and allowing us to use the facilities. It all worked out wonderfully.T OC R U S HA N Y We were able to raise a lot of money and our community showed Wendy how much she means to us. Thank youC O N D I T I O N .to all who donated time, effort, money, and items. It goes to show that we really do live in a special place.Valerie Doane, Secretary Like us on FacebookT H E R E SN O Jacksonville E-Z RidersIts that time of year again, so letsB E T T E RT IM E start the season off with some trailT OC R U S HA N Y maintenance. Recently, we were informed thatC O N D I T I O Nthe Great River Hydro added aSAVE UP TO $1,500three-foot retention wall across the Harriman Dam. The wall cuts throughON SELECT 2019 MODELSthe connector between us and the Woodford SnoBusters trail system. Working with Great River Hydro andSAVE UP TO $\x15,\x13\x12\x12the SnoBusters, a temporary re-routeON SELECT \x17\x16\x15\x14 MODELS800-639-6290 | 802-878-5052has been established. The new route will take us from what used to be theTuesday-Friday 9 am to 6 pm Saturday 9 am to 4 pmSnoBusters dam turnaround andL A N D A I R V T . C O M Sunday & MondayGone Ridingconnect back to an alternate location within their trail system. 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Remember that riding and alcohol/drugs dont mix.PS14789_BSKI_Dealer_YellowTag_1019_TR_RENEGADE_HP_US.indd 01BRP Yelow Tag Event / October 2019 Fall 2019 | 35Ski-Doo 2019-09-27 ARTR / Renegade U.S.A. 2019 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). Al rights reserved. ,and the BRP logo aepret etmrabdeerma 30r,k 2s 0o1f9 B. RTPh lea tsetr.m Prso anmodt icoonnsd iatrioe nssu mabjeyc tv taor yt edrempiennadtiionngoonrcyhoanur gstea atetananydttihmees ew oitfhfeorustanroet iscueb.j Oecftf etromatermy ninoat tbioen a osrs cighnanedg,e t arat danedy,tsiomldewori tchoomutb innoetdic we.i Sthe ean yyo uort hSekri- oDfofoe rd uenalleesrs f oerx dpreetassillsy.st aStaevdehuepr e$i1n,.5 O0f0f eorn v soeidle cwth 2e0r1e 9r emstricted or otherwise or its affiliates. In the U.S.A., products are distributed by BRP US Inc. This offer is valid in the U.S.A. only at participating Ski-Doo dealers on new and unused Ski-Doo snowmobiles (excluding racing models anodde ulsn:i Etsli gsoibldleuunnditesrthe Spring Fever promotion) purchased, deliveordeedl san. Rde rbeagties taemreodu nbet tdweepeenn dSse potne mthbee mr 1o,d 2e0l 1p9u rtcoh Sarsiceeds.,Wdehsilieg nqsu,an fetaittuierses, models or equipment without incurring any obligation. Always consult your snowmobile dealer when selecting a snowmobile for your particular needs and carefully read and pay special attention to your Operators Guide, Safety A alf Pizaeg: eF B SHd S 11o.6rm25a X 1t:0l.1e2e5d:0a.5fety: arreo hsieblietecdtnbey wla anw.d B uRnPu rseesde r2v0e1s9 t hSek ir-iDghoot, a mt eanl y g o d safely and wear appropriate clothing, including a helmet. Please observe applicable laws and regulations. Remember that riding and alcohol/drugs dont mix.K 0.5 In/sAertion Date(s): p in timn ye, toou r sdisncoowntminoubeil eo. 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