b'Club NewsLyndon Sno-CruisersThe shiny blue snowmobile gave a whistle to me when I was cutting wood by the shed. It wants to have the summer dust blown off and to be Buckaroos of 302 Kevin McDonnell, Cam Reid, Rob Reid, Gary Lamberton, Taylorgreased while it is still warm outside. Lamberton and Rob Lockwood, volunteered at the 52nd Annual Meeting. It did not tell me if it needed an oil change, but that, too, will be checked will have plenty to do this fall as weby John Sposito and contributionsto be ready for a new season.get ready for the season. Even thoughfrom local and out of state businesses.During this past summer, our members it doesnt feel like it right now, weThese contributions help the clubtook much needed breaks and know winter will be here soon. Hopemaintain and keep our trails smoothvacations so we can go into this fall to see you all on the trails! As always,and beautiful. A big thanks to all ourseason renewed with energy to fulfill be safe, respect the landownerssponsors and landowners. The clubour volunteer commitments. Sounds property, and please dont litter ourwould not survive without you. Thelike summer left me plenty to do such beautiful trails. kiosk is presently located behindas getting landowner permissions Martys 1st Stop where the trail departsupdated and letting them know that Taylor Lamberton, Presidentthe parking area. Check it out. It lookswe will be back out checking trails, buckaroosof302.comfantastic! Thanks, John, for all yourthen planning for de-brushing; then, Like us on Facebook efforts and time.the first two weeks of November, we will be ready to mark and sign trails. Throughout the summer, ourWe still have our floating bridges groomers, David Pastula and Dickproject to complete, too.Gilbert, have been performingAt our last meeting, the secretary maintenance on our Terra-Cats, withpresented the hoodies that we had Danville S-Ski-Mos T3 requiring major wheel repairs. Weprinted at the Graphic Shop. These can are told not to worry as it will be readybe purchased on our clubs website. Its hard to believe that the summerfor the snowmobile grooming season. He also showed the new junction 411 is coming to a close and the leavesEnjoy the remainder of summer andsigns that were picked up from Always will soon be showing their truethe upcoming autumn colors. I hopeOn Time, a business that attended colors. Hopefully and shortly after,to meet you all in the treasurers office,the VAST Annual Meeting on Sept. 7. we will have an abundance of whitenow located at 757 Channel Drive,Additional new signs will be on trail snow on the ground and smoothWest Danville, purchasing those early513 by Smiths Store, which were done trails to ride. Before this happens, thebird TMAs. for us by the Sign Depot. Special signs club is undertaking the normal trailMike Malaney, Treasurerwill be put up on Corridor 52 near debrushing and bridge repairs asLike us on Facebookneeded. The Fenoff Bridge has been newly decked, and work weekends are being scheduled for debrushing. Any and all volunteers will be greatly appreciated. Check our Facebook page for event dates and times. Join us for a day of work, some fun, and exercise plus the possibility of earning a free TMA. All junction signs in S-Ski-Mo territory this season will now be of the new style with new junction posts to replace the deteriorated ones. This should make your travels easier and more enjoyable.This year, we are happy to display aThe Danville S-Ski-Mos have a new sponsor sign at Martysnew kiosk board generously donated 24 | Snowmobile VERMONT'