Ride In Vermont
Vernon Trail Breakers - History

Organized Snowmobiling got its start in Vernon on January 31st. 1971 when the first meeting and election of Officers was held. The First Season Officers were as follows: Francis Serviss was President, Hank Derry was Vice President, Carolyn Coller was Secretary and Raymond Clark was the Treasure. Being so late in the season, there was little time for full scale activity, but the club basics were initiated in these first few months.

With the clubs basic organization taken care of its first season, they were more than ready to organize a functional club that would help promote the safety and enjoyment of the sport in Vernon. The 1971/72 election results were as follows: Wayne Coller was President, Dave Harris was Vice President, Judy Amato was Secretary and Sheila Walker was Treasure. It was this year that the club voted that anyone joining the Trail Breakers must also Join VAST. Raffles were organized and a Trail and Land Permission Committee was formed to work on bridges, brush back trails and put up trail signs all with Landowners permission. A variety of activities was planned including a Christmas Party for all the kids with a special appearance from Santa.

Lots of different Vernon Residents held office for the club, folks like Walt Zaluzny, Millie Harris, Olive Smith, held office in the 70’s.

Today, Snowmobiling has grown to be a State Wide activity with some clubs exceeding 2000 members.
We are normally around 60 to 100 members and as with most clubs a handful of the members do all the work. We now have a VAST Corridor Trail know as 142 and have a seasonal grooming contract with VAST by which the club is reimbursed for the miles we groom. We own two Club Grooming Sleds and two heavy groomers. We have over 50 signed Landowners Permission forms and hold an Annual Landowner Appreciation Party in the spring. We cannot thank them enough for allowing snowmobiles on their land.

This year the club’s Vice President and Trail Master Andrew Evans attended a Bridge and Trail Seminar and applied for a Grant to replace the Old Suspension Bridge behind the Post Office. We received the grant and had the new bridge designed and built by Renaud Brothers Construction Company. Without the grant from VAST . There is no way a small club like ours could have ever pulled this off. A definite benefit to belonging to VAST. We will meet as usual on the first Monday of the month which will be February 2nd. At the Town building at 6:30pm. You’ll see the sign out front. All members are welcome and can help in keeping the sport alive for future generations.